The Friday Refrain: What's New In Music

September is going out with a roar of music, my dear listening readers, with a roar I say.

New Music

Let’s ease into it: Cher has made an album of ABBA covers, Dancing Queen. Rod Stewart released Blood Red Roses. In celebration of the upcoming tour, Phil Collins released a boxed set today, Plays Well With Others. Anti-Flag keeps the punk attitude but trades in for acoustic instruments to rerecord their own music on American Reckoning. Rock royalty at this point Dave Grohl was inspired by his children learning music and so he recorded a 23 minute instrumental piece and played all 7 instruments himself - previously streaming only, physical copies of Play are out today. Jon Batiste releases Hollywood Africans today. Indie folk groovsters The John Butler Trio return with Home. Rap legends Cypress Hill release Elephants on Acid. Grunge legends Mudhoney are back with Digital Garbage. Alt rockers The Joy Formidable are back with Aaarth. Psych electronica Alt-J reimagined their last album on the new album Reduxer. Personal favorites: singer-songwriter Marissa Nadler is back with For My Crimes and Nonono (that amazing track about blood pumping from a few years ago) return with Undertones. Alt rockers Hippo Campus release Bambi. Justus Proffit and Jay Som teamed up for Nothing’s Changed. JLin created a dance soundtrack, Autobiography (and is working on a new album). To end with a bang - country legend Loretta Lynn is finally releasing Wouldn’t It Be Great which was delayed due to health problems and Nile Rodgers releases It’s About Time because it’s about time, I’m excited to listen to it!

Should I Bother?

  • Cher: This is an album ideal for ABBA or Cher fans and probably an absolute Godsend for any Cher and ABBA fans. It’s Cher singing ABBA for those who might be more lukewarm to either and it sounds exactly like that.

  • Dave Grohl: I found myself really dissecting what was going on in the music knowing that he recorded each part himself. You can also listen to each part by itself and the music is available online. The music changes up sooner than I would think at times, but I also get that this is about playing, and as a person who also rarely sticks to one concept for long while playing, i get it.

  • Marissa Nadler: This album sounds like she’s sitting down at my table with me and sharing her stories personally. I really enjoyed this and was sorry I had to move onto more music.

  • Hippo Campus: What I sampled on this album is really poppy and bright, they’ve moved into a new area going more indie pop than rock and I like it.

  • Nile Rodgers: I’m just getting to this one now, listening to the first track and I’m ready for a dance party right now at 10:00 in the morning, still in pajamas and bed mussed hair.

  • Jon Batiste: Ooo there are some really pretty songs on here. It’s not all instrumental too and he covers musical genres like he scales the piano in “Chopinesque”

  • Justus Proffit & Jay Som: I really enjoyed this little EP, it’s some good indie rock with the first track reminding me of Stephen Malkmus and moving into other feels from there.

  • The John Butler Trio: Personally this group represents the old school crowd of Bonnaroo and their love of jammy folk, this album will fit that bill for you.

  • Loretta Lynn: Given that she had health problems, “Ain’t No Time To Go” had me on the verge of tears as I listened. But she still has grit with “Ruby’s Stool” which had me laughing at the first verse. I’m ready to go buy this one right now.

  • Cypress Hill: Fans of Cypress Hill will be glad to listen to this I think.

  • Mudhoney: The name of this album reminds me of something that should be in Max Headroom, and the songs are definitely feisty. Good grungey railing against it all.

  • Nonono: Alt rock with just enough hook to get you bobbing along and singing.

    Phew. That was a lot. i’m starting to look forward to the dry musical landscape of December but I know there will be many more albums to feast upon before then, so we all better rest up and get ready. October is around the corner and it’s just going to get crazier I bet. Plus all the metal because Halloween and stuff. All right, Spotify list below with a little bit of each listed above, and with that Happy Listening everybody!