Some years ago, I dabbled here and there, envisioned many different lives to lead, learned a lot about music, and got to be a bookstore manager in time to close the store. Which left me with a choice - keep doing the same thing or choose something new. I chose something new.

Why the name Bunkamade? One day long ago my husband tried to say "honey" and "Becca" at the same time, thus "Bunka" was created. When I was trying to find the right name for me and my something new, it just felt right. Especially since it's about all these things I make, Bunkamade Life, Bunkamade Lessons, Bunkamade Music (someday!), Bunkamade Food... It just worked. (Plus I've always had a penchant for using nicknames, usually self-derived, for business ideas)

What do I do? Well, I kinda get obsessed with things and decided to just put it out there. I'm going to listen to as much new music per week as possible and I search 3-5 sources for my list - why not share that list? I keep a pretty tight grocery budget when needed and I'm sick of "Weekly Meal Planners" that have you using 30 million different ingredients with the idea that you just "use last night's dinner for lunch." And then I just randomly make things around the house or think of things I like, so that's the gist of Bunkamade Life.

But there's so much more to share. And grow. I used to say "this is just the beginning for me and my something new," and I loved that sentence but it's not really the beginning beginning anymore. But there does always seem to be something new to begin. So maybe now it's "keep checking back for the next beginning of something new."