To Listen 5

I’m ready to drop into the warm embrace of some music because we all need to make sure to allow for some self care, right? Right. And then sometimes you just turn on the list, and one album after another makes perfect sense and is lovely. Here we go:

Peluché, Unforgettable - Bright, jazzy, dreamy awesomeness of poppitude as well. The end of “Is It Gonna Rain” sounds like Jim James is going to drift into the scene and start an unforgettable duet. That sounds like a perfect late night Bonnaroo jam to be honest.

Shai Maestro, The Dream Thief - Oooo I love this piano tone, and I’m not fixating on the piano tone because I personally am feeling like my tone isn’t like it used to be. I’m loving this piano tone for the ideas behind it because he makes linear ideas and starts to spin them out faster but it doesn’t become too crazy and too disconnected. There is a continuity to the music. Even with the builds and drop-offs, with the hilted rhythms at times, there is this pulse that remains. The tones are right in my wheelhouse, warm and encompassing like I’m sitting in on the recording. Maybe not even recording on a Yamaha, who knows. This is great crossover jazz for anyone who likes instrumental rock and if you are a fan of GoGo Penguin, I would definitely put this album on.

Sam Philips, World On Sticks - Guts and lyrics spitting frustation, this singer-songwriter employs a vast array of instruments to create a lush and crazy to support those words. And now I finally look up who she is - holy crap. She did Gilmore Girls and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel - well that’s cool too. Doesn’t matter, just listen to this album because it on its own is amazing.

Salim Nourallah, Somewhere South of Sane - Okay so raw and lush but low energy - or spectral maybe is the word? - is kinda winning out this week for me it seems. This one isn’t gutsy raw like the previous mention, but emotionally raw. Sighs and heaviness raw. Cathartic. Just want to pat him on the back.

Rue Royale, In Parallel - we’re branching further into the indie rock feel of things with this layered offering of musicality as well as adding the adjective tenuous into the mix. “Facing Forward” is like if old school Bon Iver wrote a prog/math metal/rock song. Followed by the chill sun setting sound of “Chip Away,” these two songs alone should get you into the groove of this album and put in on repeat.