The Friday Refrain: What's New In Music

October. Holy cow. It’s here. This is craziness.

New Music

Emo originators Echo & The Bunnymen have reimagined old songs and included two new songs on The Stars, The oceans & The Moon. Popular rockers Twenty One Pilots release Trench today. Jim James of My Morning Jacket stays solo on Uniform Clarity. Popular metal band Coheed & Cambria released The Unheavenly Creatures. Country singer Eric Church returns with Desperate Man. Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah released The Lost Tapes. Minnesota rappers Atmosphere are back with Mi Vida Local. Earlier this week indie rockers Titus Andronicus surprised us with Home Alone on Halloween. And not sure how to describe them rockers Electric Six carry the October theme with Bride of the Devil. Canadian Indie band Tokyo Police Club do a spin on eponymous with TPC. In the same genre, we have Phosphorescent’s C’est La Vie. Then we have loud with rock singer-songwriter Ron Gallo with Stardust Birthday Party.Co-Host of Pint Notes Josh Wodarz will be happy that Petite Noir has the ep La Maison Noir out today. I’m happy that psych rockers Kikagaku Moyo’s Masana Temples. Also, I can’t believe I could wait this long to say it but it really should be Cat Power Day because she released Wanderer today and it’s all the good old Cat Power you love. Then we have a new release from Soccer Mommy with Clean. And finally KT Tunstall released Wax today.

Should I Bother?

  • KT Tunstall: Alt rock awesome.

  • Cat Power: Like I said, this is the old school sound like The Greatest

  • Phosphorescent: Another wistful album with a more americana indie feel to it.

  • Jim James: This is musician with guitar music and it’s interesting to hear how different it sounds to hear Jim James’ songwriting so bare.

  • Coheed & Cambria: This definitely sounded like Coheed & Cambria to me.

  • Twenty One Pilots: They have their rock tracks but are rapping on other tracks? Did that happen on other albums or is this new? Anyway, that’s what i have to report.

  • Ron Gallo: Tongue-in-cheek rock and roll once again.

    And that’s all I have time for today. Hope you find something to treat your ears to and I’ll be back later this week with my To Listen 5. Until then, Happy Listening everybody!