To Listen 5 (+4)

I recently had a piano lesson where I talked about motivations with two older students. One pointed out, “Why wait to eat the cookie until after you finish the work when you can just have it before and then decide if you should do the work?” To which I responded, “Or you can have the cookie as you do the project and then you get the best of both worlds.” (secretly in my head I finished the sentence correctly: have the cookie while you do the project until the cookie is gone and then do something more fun because the rewards all gone. Not really though. That would be very un-adult of me) Anyway, (ps, I’m just going to note that this is the To Listen list, so sometimes that means I’ve only gotten 4 songs or half the album listened to and have it waiting for a good sit down later. So if I mischaracterize the overall theme of an album or miss something completely, I apologize)

To Listen 5 + 5 - 1

I missed last week, so let’s make this a double huh? Also, this week’s list is a bit of a cop-out because I’m going to list things I think are subjectively good as well as things I like because I think my ears are getting a bit tired with all the albums September has brought us. Too much music is such a two-edged sword. I’m not telling which are which though, so take that!

  1. Human People, Butterflies Drink Turtle Tears - first off, I do want to know where that amazing title came from but I’m trying to stay on task and googling the answer would distract me like this run-on sentence, so we’ll just keep wondering. This lo-fi garage rock is totally what Josh and I on Pint Notes call “Dump Truck Rock” which refers to the song “Dump Truck” on the Scott Pilgrim soundtrack. It’s crunchy, it’s not entirely in key - in short it’s amazing.

  2. Bazart, 2 - This is a sexy poppy album. It’s bob along to the music dancing. It’s low lighted parties with ice clinking in glasses and swirls of liquid amidst the light chatter of a dozen or two close friends.

  3. Amy Helm, This Too Shall Light - more country than Neko Case and Brandi Carlisle, it has that bravado and movement. A bit more introspective though than Case and Carlisle.

  4. Max Cooper, One Hundred Billion Sparks - besides having a really awesome album title, this electronica album is pretty good work groove or groove music. driving in the rain music perhaps? It’s plicky like raindrops at times for sure.

  5. Tentenko, Tentenko - head over to Soundcloud for this poppy album. It’s fun and a good listen to take a break from all the crazy onslaught of music right now.

  6. Cedric Burnside, Benton County Relic - ooo this grooving blues album is going to help me get through the slow winter days this year I think.

  7. Active Bird Community, Amends - Super amped up garage rock. This is like #1 but at like 4x the speed. Angst and rebellious, this is a great pumped up to be against everything album.

  8. Black Belt Eagle Scout, Mother Of My Children - if you are a fan of the tenuous quiet sonorous sound of Big Thief, I would highly suggest giving this a spin-through.

  9. Plainride, Life On Ares - Solid what I read described as stoner metal which I take as metal that’s like harder than hard rock and cheekier than either in a we know what we’re doing way. Wait, is this second track I’m listening to called “Battletoads?” Does that mean they’ve found Battletoads on this planet? Oh my. Not only does this track have a seriously great riff locked in but “Ride the fire, ?? the tiger” is the refrain? Yes. let’s indulge in this one for a bit.