The Friday Refrain: What's New In Music

Oh the music waves are not subsiding dear readers - once again here it is

New Music

Today, pop rap boy band BROCKHAMPTON released Iridescence. Chicago rapper Lupe Fiasco came out wiht Drogas Wave. Then let’s flip to the other side of music with singer extrordinaire Josh Groban’s Bridges. We’ll mosey onto the veteran music scene with Slash, Living The Dream; Billy F. Gibbons, The Big Bad Blues; and Joe Bonamassa, Redemption. Guitarist of My Morning Jacket, Carl Broemel, busts out on his own with Wished Out (side note: totally missed that the former BNL singer released a solo album last week too). Macy Gray is back with Ruby. And probably the biggest one in the indie scene today is Metric’s Art Of Doubt. So there you go.

Should I Bother?

  • Brockhampton: good for a Friday night for sure.

  • Macy Gray: Yes.

  • Metric: If you liked the single, go for it.

  • Lupe Fiasco: I’m a fan of Lupe and was happy to get some new tracks.

  • Josh Groban: Josh Groban fans don’t need me to tell if they should listen, because they probably already bought a copy and are listening to it and bought another one so they could give to someone.

    Well that’s what I got to today. Also, sorry the commentary is short but I’m honestly getting this typed between dinner and seeing Blitzen Trapper and we don’t want to miss the opener because 1. we don’t miss the opener ever. Best way to find new favorites. 2. Blitzen Trapper is amazingly good at picking they’re openers - hello Fleet Foxes and Dungen (two previous openers, but I didn’t go to the 7th St Entry show because I had homework. Ugh.) All right, got my ear plugs and ready to go, so Happy Listening everyone!