To Listen 5

Well I've had a few days to soak in the new sounds of the world and here are 5 picks for you to invest your time in:

1. Princess Chelsea, The Loneliest Girl - This album is really interesting. It has these dark orchestral moments wrapped in poppy happy vocals? It's like listening to pop music reflected back to you through fun house mirrors.

2. Rae Spoon, bodiesofwater - What I have coined singer-songwriter with a band - you had me at "Do Whatever The Heck You Want." What a great and catchy song. Honestly, the choruses that chant a single phrase beg the listener to join in singing even on first listen. This album feels like an old friend I haven't seen in years, but we just pick up where we left off.

3. Teleman, Family of Aliens - I don't usually include bands I mentioned on Friday - but this is Teleman. I loved their first album, was a little cooler on the second to be honest, and now on their third album I'm foreseeing this getting a lot of plays in this household. Poppy, and fun the title track kicks off the album and gives you a perfect idea of how this album will go. Driving and danceable, it's a great record.

4. Joey Purp, QUARTERTHING - Head bobbing inducing, the beats are pretty stripped down but still create momentum and flow. I like his style and it's just a good chill album.

5. Adult,, This Behavior - I guess I like synths this week. This is not the poppy sort that I was gushing about earlier but more of the moody driving sort. It's pretty intense and loud. Which is a good note to end on.

Now it's time to go back to plotting how I can get myself away to Riot Fest this weekend...