The Friday Refrain: What's New In Music

Did I maybe get buried under the avalanche of albums last week? Maybe... Yeah, I totally did. It was a lot and intense and I've drafted a catch-up post for last week, but never managed to listen to all but I'm still going to post it. Someday. Until then...

New Music

Today there is new music again! We've got a surprise album from rap star Eminem with Kamikaze. Also out today is Curren$y's Fire in the Clouds. We've got some 00's bands with new albums today: Passenger, Runaway and The Kooks, Let's Go Sunshine. Best band name ever: Steve 'N' Seagulls are back with Grainsville. Pretty sure that there are a bunch of indie music fans going crazy because finally finally Iron & Wine returns with Weed Garden. We've got some more indie action for you with Saintseneca's Pillar of Na and Aaron Lee Tasjan releasing Karma For Cheap today. Pop music is kicking out summer with another hyped album, Troye Sivan and Bloom. Those are the big names, but there's one more i feel needs mention: The Oakland Elementary School Arkestra's The Saga Of Padani and Big Music, Little Musicians. It's not perfection, but I love demystifying the creation of music and encouraging young musicians to take chances and play.

Should I Bother?

  • Passenger: This was as close to country as I found today. It's that indie country-tinged intimate-feel-to-the-vocals feel.
  • The Kooks: This seems true to their vein of poppy dotted rock
  • Troye Sivan: Here's your last shot at summer pop everyone. Plus there's an Ariana Grande collab.
  • Aaron Lee Tasjan: This guy has some great ideas and ways with creating rock.
  • Iron & Wine: It is low key and laid back like you were expecting probably.
  • Saintseneca: Just some straight up indie rock for you. It's going on my weekend list for sure

As for the others.... well you all know when I complain about our internet and all, so I didn't get a chance at them. Spotify playlist below, take a listen and I'll be back with my To Listen on Sunday. Maybe even a catch-up from last week... Who knows? Until then everyone - Happy Listening!