Musical Catch-up

First, been crazy busy. So apologies for missing my Refrain. Second, I don't know how to express my feelings about Aretha Franklin's death or do better than anyone else. Except that it sucks, I'm going to watch the short news interview with her hair stylist but I don't want to because I'll cry, and what a powerful wonderful musician that I looked up to. Style, business acumen, voice, talent, amazing.

Second, there were a lot of big releases last week that I let you guys down without telling you. (Plus what I think of it) Ariana Grande released Sweetener(I feel like there's a Grande gene and I just don't have it), alt craziness rockers Animal Collective with Tangerine Reef(sounds like they are lost in an echo chamber), country pop star Cole Swindell and All of It(I am addicted to a couple songs as guilty pleasures, I have to admit), indie rockers Death Cab for Cutie's Thank You For Today(this is good Death Cab to me but I'm a hard sell on the band so it either means it's really good or it will not be okay with diehards). And some smaller indie bands: Great Lake Swimmers, The Waves, The Wake; and Cults covered the band Motels and titled the album Motels.

And then there's stuff I love so far -

  • Thee Oh Sees, Smote Reverser - should have mentioned that up above but I'm digging how rock heavy this gets.
  • Dragon Inn 3, Double Line- Truthfully, I didn't think I would like this from the band name but man I love this album. It's addicting.
  • Conner Youngblood, Cheyenne - I really liked this one. especially the chill-out track "pizza body"

Did I mention was  alittle behind on things? Well, that's why there's only 5 recommends. Oh wait,  I'm going to go for it:

  • Trevor Powers, Mulberry Violence - this is a really interesting album and I'm only half done. But it's definitely worth a listen.

And now I'm caught up. So there you go.