To Listen 5

Here are some albums I'm digging from last Friday's releases:

1. Dos Santos: this great Latin feel to the music but there's this psych rock to it and more. It's just great grooving rock. This sounds really silly to say, but this album floored me. Didn't listen to complete songs at first because I was curious to see what the next one would be like, and the next and the next.

2.Barry Goldberg, In the Groove - let's follow the organ sound over here to this album now and enjoy it's old school blues rock. I need music to relieve the brain right now. This helps.

3.BC Unidos, Otro Mundo Es Posible - this is in the full on needs another listen pile but it's intriguing. I like to call it stripped down Animal Collective sometimes, but it's that Animal Collective/T. Rex inspired/MGMT vein of indie rock.

4. Video Age, Pop Therapy - this is my sort of 80s sounding music I will listen to. It's just the right kind of e.piano and just the right sort of fake-sounding drums. That sounds backhanded, but it's not meant to. There's good e.piano and not so good to my ears, good Phil Collins drum machine sounds and then not good drum machine sounds.

5. Harold López-Nussa, Un Día Cualquiera - There are many things that nailed it for me with this album: the piano isn't pristine and bright, the ease of the playing masks the inherent intricacies of the rhythms and musical interplay, and it's piano focused. And I'm a pianist as much as I'm a piano fan, so I melt into these albums pretty easily.

Ps. note the Spotify playlist is "2018 To Listen" because I'll just be adding new tracks each week I do this column, so follow the playlist or follow me on twitter to know when something new's been updated. I'll also be throwing tracks on this list of other songs I've liked too.