The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Oh poor Frank Ocean fans. I checked at 7:00 am, no album. But oh my goodness the twitter feed regarding Frank Ocean is hilarious! He's definitely got some comedic fans. And if you are awaiting his album and want to commiserate - snapchat has filters for you (in select countries)! So read this and then go check that out. But don't worry, Oceanarians, I've got other music for you. Let's hit up what actually did come out today...

But first, fun fact: Everytime I see a song titled "Seeker" or with the word in it, I always listen to it to see if it's about Quidditch. One day it will work. One day.

Today I also have to extend an empathetic arm to Travi$ Scott fans as it seems he has disappeared from Twitter and there is no sign of the album he was supposed to release today. Yet. There are still 9 hours until the end of August 5th as I write this. American Idol fans no worries though, Nick Fradiani released Hurricane. I checked, it's there. Wye Oak released Tween physically. That sounds bad. Actual tactile release of the Wye Oak album out today. Christian rockers Skillet, hm should I say, unleashed Unleashed today. Minnesota favorite Haley Bonar is getting some good vibes out of Impossible Dream. Gov't Mule released their first demos as The Tel Star Sessions. And Dinosaur Jr. is back with Give A Glimpse of What Yer Not. 2 Chainz has a mixtape out: Daniel Son; Necklace Don. And there is an interesting soundtrack out by 65daysofstatic for an anticipated sci-fi game coming out called No Man's Sky.Banks released another single, "Gemini Feed," from her upcoming album.And that is the most news we've had in weeks. Seems that releases are starting to spill out as we head toward the insane fall releases. So buckle up everybody it's going to start getting crazy I think.

Get crazy with last week's list.

A week of body references

Omar Rodríguez-Lopéz, Corazones - one of his many albums slated for this year

For Everest, We Are At Home In This Body -

Two Steps on the Water, God Forbid Anyone Look Me In The Eye - for some reason I think this reminds of Justin Vernon related items. Maybe not Bon Iver per se, but projects that he's done or bands he's recorded

Thank You Scientist, Stranger Heads Prevail - it's almost jazz rock

Problem of Pain, Burn What MyHands Wrought - I believe this was very angst ridden screamy metal?

Ploy, iron Lungs EP - This electronica set went into my okay pile this week.

Gary Hoey, Dust & Bones - Either the guy is singing or his guitar is rock

Things I was digging last week

Viola Beach, Viola Beach - I know I mentioned this last week due to the sad circumstances surrounding it but it's good and unfortunate that this is the only release.

Rett Smith, Oscuro - There's something about this guitar focused rock album that is just kinda fun.

Mothers, Accessory Cloud/Easy As Possible 7" - Their album came out earlier this year and I believe I saw it on a few half year best-ofs - and it is good, it was even better to be reminded to go back and relisten to that after hearing these tracks.

Avers, Omega/Whatever - I dig this. And I have to forewarn, the track I put on the Spotify list has an f-word in it.

NAO, For All We Know - Another one I don't know if on paper it would be something into but it has a good groove.

Frankie Reyes, Boleros Valses y Mas - This is amazing. I could just listen to this all day.

Mendrugo, More Amor - A simple straight-forward acoustic album with gorgeous melodies.

2 8 1 4, Rain Temple - One of those albums that fit into my work mood and had to put in the like pile when I realized I had just listened to half the album.

Future Generations, Future Generations - still digging this indie rock album.

Ricardo Arjona, Apague la Luz y Escuche - Just a nice acoustic album again.

I've got a lot on the To-Listen list to decide on too this week. But that should be a good start. Hopefully I get my Spotify list up before too long but right now my garage sale itch is itching and I need to go see if the sale down the street still has a few items I was thinking about. I mean I'm pretty sure I'll get my Spotify list up before Frank Ocean or Travis Scott release their albums. Ha! Though I hope those come out soon, it's not fun waiting on something you've been looking forward to. The Frank Ocean fans on twitter have been pretty funny though.... Anyway, to the garage sale and Happy Listening!