The Friday Refrain: Saturday Edition!

What a gorgeous week. Today we went to the zoo and ate our lunch next to the ducks. Baguette, salmon with cucumber in yogurt, and cheese slices. Last night a delicious meal at Surly paired with delicious beers. The high tides of summer are fun ones. Adventures. Everyday I aim to find some sort of adventure for us - small or large. Even just a ride over the footbridge above the freeway to the other playground, attempting a new recipe, discovering new books at the library. Adventures everywhere. Adventures in music too.

Yesterday's new music has some fun items to share. Lori McKenna released The Bird & The Rifle, and I'm not sure if it's just the one headline or if there is a collective murmurring out there that this is something to seek out and listen to. Former Black Crowes singer Chris Robinson formed The Chris Robinson Brotherhood and released Any Way You Love, We Know How You Feel. Latin artists were gather together, including Ozomatli, to make Quiero Creedence, a cover album of Creedance Clearwater Revival songs. And then I don't recognize a lot of things. So I'm going to end it with two bands that aren't on many people's radar. Also yesterday a band named Viola Beach released a posthumous debut album sadly after the band died in a car crash in February. At Glastonbury, Coldplay played their single "Boys That Sing." On a brighter note, a band named Future Generations released a self-titled album yesterday that I put on and found delightful.

Last week's list. Half-listened to because Half Pints Whole Notes recorded this week and we picked a lot of bands with longer albums randomly.

Anyway, short naps abound these days and I must sign off. Happy Listening!