The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

It's Friday! I think I should just announce everyday like that. "It's Monday!" "It's Tuesday!" Gives the day a little oomph. A little ta-da. Speaking of which I vacuumed the dining room this morning and I forgot to ta-da my chore... All right, down to the nuts and bolts, or maybe the quavers and rests of music. (I don't know why I chose quaver. I just did. It's such a cool word.)

Today, indie rockers Of Montreal released Innocence Reaches. Rapper Rae Sremmurd is back with SremmLife 2. It's time for the next in Omar Rodríguez-López's series of 2016 releases with Blind Worms Pious Swine. I like that title. Popular rockers Young The Giant give us Home of the Strange. JEFF the Brotherhood complete their trilogy begun by Heavy Days and We Are The Champions with Zone. And Minnesota rappers Atmosphere have Fishing Blues. And a personal favorite - Ruby the Rabbitfoot is finally back with a new album, Divorce Party. So I'm excited about that.

Like a tome drops The List of the week past.

All right last week was body references this week,

Words that make me think of travelling or vacation

Jem, Beachwood Canyon

Kevin Hays, North - Jazz pianist you can check out at his bandcamp page, which I suggest you do if you like jazz.

Jonah Tolchin, Thousand Mile Night - Singer-songwriter that you know would also be good for driving music...

Islander, Power Under Control

Jeremy & the Harlequins, Into the Night

Delroy Edwards, Hangin' At the Beach

David West, Peace or Love

Camera, Phantom of Liberty -

Brick, Faceless Strangers - Metal

Andrew Leahey & the Homestead, Skyline in Central Time

Keiko Matsui, Journey to the Heart - instrumental or jazz?

Kllo, Well Worn - it's not but for some reason, I'm thinking a little XX type pop style to this one.

Minden, Sweet Simple Things - first off, everyone is thinking of the amazing Harold Warp's Pioneer Village in Minden Nebraska right? Me too. Secondly, this band is not affiliated but they are upbeat fun pop - more indie pop than pop pop.

Russian Circles, Guidance - Instrumental rock that's a bit harder, edging on metal.

Trevor Sensor, Starved Nights of Saturday Stars - I think my closest reference would be Nathaniel Rateliff in the brashness of singing. Kinda bar/drinking playground of rock.

O'Connor Band, Coming Home - see how I put this one last? Pretty clever. Anyway, acoustic americana style country.

And there's my bouncing back and forth filling things in but not enough time to do it. So some of those you'll just have to check out on your own. Some are on the Spotify list for today, others aren't. Some bands I haven't mentioned are on the Spotify list today, others not. And I did not get through the entire list because it was a long one but today's releases are pretty light and I'm looking forward to maybe completely listening to the first 2 weeks of August's releases by next Friday. We'll see, won't we? And with that I bid you all adieu, Happy Listening!