The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Coffee coffee buzzbuzzbuzz coffeee coffeeee chocolate chocolate chocolate FRIDAY! MUSIC TIME! So I'm working on putting together a few other blog days of the week. I'd like to start posting some of my piano lesson ideas and I'm working on a weekly meal planner post. I used to do a lot more of my crafting and such, and I'd like to expand into that again because I have all the time in the world to do these things. Yep.

Today! Today's the day for people who are/were in other bands releasing their own things: My Morning Jacket's Carl Broemel has 4th of July, Alt-J's drummer Thom Sonny Green released High Anxiety, Quasi's Sam Coomes and his Bugger Me, and formerly in The Civil Wars, John Paul White presents us Beulah. Dolly Parton's 43rd(!) album, Pure & Simple, was inspired by two concerts last year. My Half Pints co-host has probably already listened and loved the new Lydia Loveless, Real album. I've been hearing good things about the singer-songwriter Chris Staples album, Golden Age. And watch for the debut country album from Drake White, Spark.

Sparkles sparkles everywhere It's the List!

A very stretched list of Star Wars reminders

(the first three are legit, and then I just  wanted to make a list, I can't believe there isn't a Luke or a Leia releasing something this week by the way)

Lando Chill, For Mark, Your Son

Fond Han, "New Alright" - just a single but it's good.

Vader, Iron Times

Blind Pilot, And Then Like Lions

Lakuta, Brothers & Sisters

Soolo, Tage Aus Licht

Albums or artists with an animal somewhere in there

Ruby the Rabbitfoot, Divorce Party  - This is way poppier than her last album but I'm diggiing it.

The Moles, Tonight's Music - There are some odd tracks on this but otherwise it's indie rock to a t.

Shoot, I already listed Blind Pilot (and then like LIONS)

Close Lobsters, Desires and Signs EP - these guys were together in the 80s and reunited again in 2012. You can hear it in the tight music with that bit of wisdom to the writing.

Cool Ghouls, Animal Races -

Horseback, Dead Ringers

Omar Rodriguez-López, Blind Worms Pious Swine - I feel that with his onslaught of albums we will be seeing, I'm going to end up making my own album with tracks from each release that I like.

Waterstrider, Nowhere Now - I like this indie rock band from California.

There are a few more bands on the Spotify playlist so make sure to check that out too. And as always, Happy Listening!

ps. I never posted my playlist for last week, so I updated that post with the list. You can also just follow bunkamade on spotify to see all my playlists. Okay, sneaking away now...