The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Well I've returned, and there were so many releases last week, sorry to have missed it. We'll do a little catch up. First, go grab a coffee and some cheesecake if you have it becuase that's what I'm going to do. Right back. Ah. Much better. Take a seat.

Last week Britney Spears, Florida Georgia Line, Barbra Streisand, and De La Soul all had albums out. (I told you it was a big week) Prophets of Rage (parts of Public Enemy and Rage Against the Machine with B-Real from Cypress Hill) released an ep, The Party's Over. Indie songstress Ingrid Michaelson is back wtih It Doesn't Have To Make Sense. Michael Sweet of Stryper released his own One Sided War. And don't forget to check out the latest Omar Rodriguez-Lopez. Today it's a bit slimmer though. More manageable for a U.S. holiday weekend, the last weekend we can fully indulge in our favorite summer hits and still say we're celebrating [the demise of] summer. People are buzzing about Angel Olsen's My Woman. The Mekons have Existentialism. and I think that's about it for today. Like I said, holiday weekend

Two lists to bring you back to the glory of summer: 8/19 and 8/26

Memories of Summer References

Lisa Hannigan, At Swim - Just straight up girl with a guitar singer-songwriter which is refreshing.

Ball Park Music, Every Night The Same Dream - Might give my some thoughts of Wilco but don't hold me to that because I know that what Wilco sounds like is debatable.

Bayside, Vacancy - It's rock but it has that popular twinge to it.

Happy Diving, Electric Soul Unity

Carl Broemel, 4th of July

Ashleigh Smith, Sunkissed

Casey Donahew Band, All Night Party

Album Leaf, Between Waves

Delain, Moonbathers

Dead Gaze, Easy Travels

Milemarker, Overseas

Space Mountain, Big Sky

Zula, Grasshopper

Well that was kinda fun. I'm going to throw a bunch of tracks onto the Spotify playlist of other things I was digging this last week or found interesting enough to put on the playlist. And now I'm going to work on that playlist because we all know that this time i have is a ticking timebomb and at any moment I will be wisked away from my computer until who knows when. So just in case, Happy Listening and have a beautiful weekend! (stay hydrated too!)