The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Welcome back to the Refrain everyone! Tis that time to talk music new and almost new. Though I picked a terrible week to not listen to music and read 2 books instead... There were a lot of releases last week that I found, so I didn't even get half listened to yet. But there are things to discuss, things to bend your ears towards, tunes that will get your toes tapping.

Toes, dig this List!

Today, what have we here today?

The Monkees are celebrating 50 years with Good Times! Country star Dierks Bentley released Black and I heard tell that in Nashville there was(/is?) a pop-up store for his album. Jarvis Cocker wrote some music for this BBC Neil Gaiman thing and that's out today, Likely Stories. If you're a My Morning Jacket fan, they rereleased It Still Moves today with bonus tracks and demos and the like. And. Just thought I'd throw one more in for fun. And stuff. And. Robert Glasper is celebrating Miles Davis' birthday with Everything's Beautiful. Indie rockers Flume release Skin today. And half of Dum Dum Girls, Kristin Kontrol, released X-Communicate. Acapella fans unite in song for fifth Harmony's 7/27. And that's what i've got. Well, there's also Catfish & the Bottlemen back withThe Ride; Pokey LaFarge has a 7" with a new B-side, Goodbye, Barcelona; Prog-rock super group The Jelly Jam's Profit; Thrice came up with To Be Everywhere is to be Nowhere and Yumi Zouma, Yancalla.

Depressing Nautical References

Mutual Benefit, Skip A Sinking Stone

onDeadWaves, On Dead Waves

Half a sentence titles subsequently answered with the title of the first or last track.

Misha, All We Will Become - "This is how it must begin" (Pop)

Bird of Youth, Get Off -"River Monster" (classic playground of rock indie rock)

Sanzu, Heavy Over the Home -"Old Orchard Floor" (metal)

Saosin, Along the Shadow - "The Silver String" (metal)

Blake Shelton, If I'm Honest -"Straight Outta Cold Beer" (country pop)

Nick Moss Band, From The Root to the Fruit -"before the night is through" (bluesy rock)

Tiny Moving Parts, Celebrate - "Good Enough" (angsty rock kinda like i like it, kinda emo)

Paul Reddick, Ride the One -"Moon And Star" (singer-songwriter with a band)

Lonely the Brave, Things Will Matter - "wait in the car" (popular sound style of rock)

Zodiac Mprint, Ride the Stars - "Nova" (rap/hip-hop)

Dannika, For Peaches - "goodbye darling" (That female singer-songwriter style I like a lot)

Richard Ashcroft, These People - "Out of my body" (singer-songwriter with a band)

Tim Heidecker, In Glendale -"Ocean's Too Cold" (tongue in cheek solo songs, but not singer-songwriter style)

Eric Clapton, I Still Do -"Alabama Woman Blues" (if you don't know Clapton, you should go to the library)

Zig Zags, Running Out Of Red -"They Came For Us" (garagey punkish rock)

Terry Reid, The Other Side of the River - "Let's Go Down" (unreleased material from the sessions of the River)

Rez Abbasi, Behind the Vibration - "Holy Butter" or "Matter Falls" either works (jazz)

Dave King Trucking Company, Surrounded by the Night - "Don't Be Suspect of a Gift"


Chop Juggler, More is less- "Paradox of Choice" (electronic dancey)

Against the Current, In Our Bones -"Running With The Wild Things" (pop)

Anna Tivel, Heroes Waking Up- "Look Away" (rural singer-songwriter)

Sepalcure, Folding Time - "Ask Me" (electronica, good thing I checked figured it'd be metal)

Albertos, This Is A Serious Party - "Sweet Dreams" (Klezmery Gypsy Punk?)

Chico Mann, Nobody Wants To - "Nobody Wants To"  Period. Just stop asking. (Pop)

Yes! I finally used that old mind of mine to get some weird lists together again. I hope you might enjoy it and have some fun with the music. Stepping out of the music box and exploring the landscape a little with lists like that. Anyway, 2 weeks to Bonnaroo! Happy Listening!