The Friday Refrain: Sunday Edition!

Good weekend to you all! Hope you're having the same amazing weather and fun times as we are here at the Friday Refrain and Seedy Bar Headquarters - speaking of the seedy bar, new Half Pints Whole Notes is up over at and I think it's a pretty good one.

Friday had some cool releases to talk about. First and foremost - Mr. Bob Dylan Sir released another Sinatra covers album and I'm pretty excited to go check that out. I was raised on Sinatra. I love Mr. Bob Dylan Sir. Win Win Win. Also, I was wrong last week. The So So Glos did not come out on the 13th, they came out this past Friday instead. So I still had to wait. But what was one more week? So go check out that out for reals now. The National spearheaded a Dead tribute album titled Day of the Dead and there's some cool sounding contributions on there. Of the comedy duo, Tim & Eric, Tim Heidecker released a solo album titled In Glendale. Eric Clapton, not to be outdone by Dylan, released I Still Do. This is an interesting tidbit Car Seat Headrest released Tears of Denial on Friday, but only digitally. Due to sampling copyright issues, all physical copies have been destroyed. Country star Blake Shelton is back with If I'm Honest. And Ariana Grande is here with Dangerous Woman.

Hot hot hot off the press - it's the List.

By the way, anybody else notice all the unfinished phrases above: In Glendale, If I'm Honest, I Still Do... Strange.

Here are a couple albums I dug from last week:

Oxenfree, Beacons - Garage rock?

Oscar, Cut And Paste - He's got this really deep voice which is pretty nice dichotomy to the poppy beats on some tracks.

Family Atlantica, Cosmic Unity - Get your Latin fix here.

Al Scorch, Circle Round The Signs - Bluegrass folksy type thing

Adia Victoria, Beyond the Bloodhounds - that singer-songwriter indie sound I like.

Yak, Alas Salvation - kinda  like a more intense Radiohead

And I'm also jumping on the Twin Peaks, Down in Heaven and the Wolf Parade, Apologies to the Queen Mary bandwagons. Pretty enjoyable stuff.

So there you go, a few things to groove the rest of your Sunday with. And as always, Happy Listening!