The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

I'm back. Apologies. I had the spring recital, home improvements and then prep for our annual Cinco de Taco party. Quite hectic. This week has been so uneventful and lethargic compared to what I had been up to, but I think it was bound to happen. You can only forge ahead at 100% for so long. Anyway, what a doozy of a couple weeks in music! Beyonce! Radiohead! The Goo Goo Dolls! Cyndi Lauper! Keith Urban! A De La Soul placeholder EP for the album that got pushed back! Aesop Rock! The Jayhawks! Rogue Wave! Rob Zombie! Sixx:A.M.! Brian Eno! Yo Yo Ma! Candlebox! Oh wait, now I'm caught up. Good, I'm out of exclamation points.

Or am I? The List April 29th Bambam! The List May 6th Bambambam!

And that brings us all the way back to today. Hang on, need to get myself some water. Okay I'm back. Did you get some water? Probably should, tis the festival season and the most important thing to do at a festival is to stay hydrated, wear your ear protection and regularly apply sunscreen! Today, Chance the Rapper released Chance 3, another album of reimagined works of Bach on the theremin. No. That is not true. He raps. He's a rapper. Thus his name but wouldn't that be hilarious if someone called themselves a rapper but dabbled in some sort of existential music nerd theory tangential? My personal favorite, and one of my progeny's favorites, Fruit Bats is out with Absolute Loser. Did you see the bear music video? That was odd and silly. Fans of people in The Yeah Yeahs and two other bands I can't recall should check out the new release from Head Wound City titled A New Wave of Violence. Metal band Kvelertak is releasing Nattesfred today. Pop hit from last year Meghan Trainor is releasing Thank You. On the edge of pop, Corinne Bailey Rae releases The Heart Speaks In Whispers. Another favorite of mine, The So So Glos, is finally back with Kamikaze. I've been waiting boys. I've been waiting. *toe tapping* And one more rapper, Astronautalis, is back after a few years with Cut the Body Loose. Speaking of waiting. *cough*
Well that will be it this week for the major ones I think. That's a pretty good list. Let's move onto some fun lists.
I can't believe I had no time for this when I could make this list: Equestrian
(also, it would've been in time for the Derby! The DERBY!)
Whitehorse, The Northern South Vol 1 - kinda bluegrassy rock such stuff.
Horse Lords, Interventions - Jazzy stuff that I like.
Horseshoe Gang, Anti-Trap Music - rap
Horsepower Productions, Crooks Crime & Corruption - electronic stuff.
Okay, I was going to post more but it appears the wee one isn't going to nap today. So, there goes that. Hopefully we'll have a new Half Pints next week and that plus a good bonus list next week will make up for today. Anyway, at least I showed up. With exclamation points! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !1!!!!!! !!! !!!!!! !! ! Just some bonus excitement for you. Happy Listening!