The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

This is going to be short. There was an insane downpour of rain and the little ninja is awake suddenly. Also I had too many donuts this morning and not enough real food and I'm having a bit of a donut hangover. However, I counteracted it with garlicky food and that seems to be working. Mmm... Donuts. But now the day is over and I'm back. Adventures of buying fabric with cats on it and feeling pretty awesome about my standard curry now, I'm ready to talk music.

OH. MY. GOOD. NESS. I almost cried during my donut hangover when I was compiling today's releases. Paul Simon released Stranger To Stranger today. The Strokes released a small ep Future Present Past. The second most adorable twins, Tegan & Sara, released Love You To Death. And Michael Franti & Spearhead Soulrocker is available as well today. Let's swing back to the alternative indie scene for The Kills's's's's Ash & Ice. I always forget how to possessify a plural name. Plus Ladyhawke's Wild Things. Surprise Speedy Ortiz Ep Foiled Again rounds out the news for today and this has been really hard to put together. I am still feeling the effects of eating too many donuts this morning.

Donut this List.

Half Pints week. We talk a few of my favorites from last Friday even. Seriously, I flung a ton of albums at Josh last week, and so today's list.

What Was Left On The Seedy Basement Cutting Room Bar Floor

(aka, things we couldn't fit into the episode)

Maria Usbeck, Amparo - this latin album is quite good. Poppy yet listenable.

Outer Spaces, A Shedding Snake - low key playground of rock stuff here. Pretty sweet

Yung, Commercial - We just don't do singles so I'm hoping that the full release will intrigue me as much as this fuzzy rock song.

PUP, The Dream Is Over - there are certain angsty emotional rock sounds that make me get lost in the music and want to just be absorbed and then spit out and that's what this is for me.

Christian Naujoks, Wave - Instrumental guitar that I find really interesting and well done.

The Prostitutes, Ghost Detergent - Electronica that I was digging this week.

Weaksaw, The Wretched of the Earth  - My Metal Pick of the week.

The Myrrors, Entranced Earth - Meditative Rock?

Muscle and Marrow, Love - Another playground of rock pick that I think would've made the cut if we weren't so darned enchanted by onDeadWaves. Flows in the similar veins.

(I still can't sit still. I just realized that i'm frenetically bouncing my knees from one side of the bar to the other on my bar stool.)

All right so there it is. I might not be posting next week because Bonnaroooooooooooooooooooooo! If time ( yeah right) I'm going to try to prewrite something early in the week I just have to hit publish on later. But we'll see. In the meantime, stay hydrated, reapply sunscreen and Happy Listening (with earplugs for your hearing's sake!)!