The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

I almost didn't get this done because I want to finish eating my grapefruit. Oh my goodness I love grapefruit. I can wait. Can't I? Anyway, welcome to Friday. It's my least favorite Friday of the year - this weekend is daylight savings time which I believe is kinda like a stuck donkey wheel for me. I just don't jibe well with the clocks until next fall when we fall back again. I know how some people want to get rid of Daylight Savings Time, but that makes me worried. What if they got rid of it after a spring forward and I never jibed with the clocks again? It's like a horror movie. Mm. Grapefruit.

Tickity tock, it's the list of last week's releases as genrefied by me for what I listened to.

(shh... I didn't listen to a lot because well, it's a HALF PINTS WHOLE NOTES WEEK! And I spend a good deal of time cuddling those albums up to my ears. So go over to csicon and check it out.)

Today today today.... What arrived today? well, popular metal band Killswitch Engage released Incarnate. In teh same vein, 3 Doors Down are out with Us And The Night. Singer-songwriter Pete Yorn is back with Arranging Time. And another actress crosses the musical line with the eponymous Rita Wilson release. Lucius are here with Good Grief. And Jeff Buckley made recordings of a bunch of songs to kinda get his album groove on and today those previously unreleased tracks are released on You And I. Which I'm pretty much going to be checking out in the near future. And this is just odd, so I'm going to mention it. Skullsjá is the name of the band and the album, it is a colloboration by two of the metal band Enslaved's members to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Norwegian Constitution and tells the history of Norway from beginning to end I guess. That's what I read anyway. Crazy.

It's a sad day. I have no lists. It's too sunny out and I want to eat my grapefruit. So instead of my eccentric musical lists, I suggest you head over to Record Store Day and check out the list of releases for this year and start your money planning now.