The Friday Refrain: Saturday Edition!

Happy weekend everyone! Sorry for the delay but I was on the couch for most of the week with about the motivation and strength of a... I wanna say snail but I feel like to drag around those shells they must actually have more strength than I did this last week. Basically, I was able to click play on the next Criminal Minds episode but lacked the strength to tappity tappity the keys as I do. But now I'm better. I'm taking care of the next sick one in the household, but I'm better with energy and resolve to do things. Like that one Hyperbole and A Half where she's like "Clean all the things!" Yep.

So Friday was kinda a big fun music day for me. Lots of things that I've been waiting for came out. Country icon Loretta Lynn released Full Circle. And Violent Femmes dropped We Can Do Anything, their first new album in forever. Christian rock veterans Newsboys released  Love Riot. And then we have a glorious slew of indie/alt rock to delve into: Thao & The Get Down Stay Down's A Man Alive; ever evolving singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne's Ouroboros; girls gonna swoon singer-guitarist M. Ward and More Rain; Pearl Jam's bass player's RNDM with Ghost Riding; Nada Surf's You Know Who You Are; Miike Snow, iii; and Poliça with United Crushers. Yeah, preetty crazzy.

Gyrating Googly Eyes! It's The List!

And now for my oddities and wonders of the last week of music...

Odd coincidence of the week

So if you are looking for an album by a band named crater last week, make sure you have the spelling correct. Use a K and you will be delighted by the fast hard metal of Krater's Urere. Spell it with a C however and you will be delighted by the electro indie sweetness with a slight edge of Crater's Talk To Me So I Can Fall Asleep. If only I had found an album by a band named Meteor and Meteoroid this week... I could have had fun with all of that. Anyway!

Since Pi Day is coming... Ready your soundtrack

Spheron, A Clockwork Universe

James Holden and Luke Abbott, Outdoor Museum of Fractals/555Hz

United Vibrations, The Myth Of The Golden Ratio - It's experimental and jazzy.

And it's a stretch, but numbers, man it's all about numbers...

(Okay so this one includes some of the big releases from last week, but seriously, so many numbers, had to put it all together as proof)

The 1975, I Like It When You Sleep For You Are So Beautiful Yet So Unaware of It

Santigold, 99 Cents

Charli XCX, Vroom Vroom EP

School of Seven Bells, SVIIB

Mefisto, - Metal. They definitely like some Metallica. And other things. Really like to do the guitar "woo-OOO-oo" thing which I can't accurately describe, just make the noise and the motion thing up and down the neck. That thing.

Louie Vega, Starring... XXVIII

And just for fun-

A list of albums or bands from last week's releases creating a landscape

(not meant to go sonically together but just an interesting word palate, because that's what my mind is doing today I guess)

Darryn Farrugia, Seeds

Holy Esque, At Hope's Ravine

Greenleaf, Rise Above The Meadow

Mount Moriah, How To Dance

DMA's, Hills End

Sarah Neufeld, The Ridge

Emitt Rhodes, Rainbow Ends

Sunburst, Fragments of Creation

So my mind has made at least 2 more of those lists but I will stop there. You're welcome. Well, with that my friends, it's been another Refrain and so I bid you Happy Listening!