The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Today I typed a word and for some reason my mind eliminated all multiples of a letter. For example, that previous sentence would become: "Today I typed a word and for some reason my mind elimnatd al multipes of a letr." On its own. For no reason. Except to remind me to constantly question sanity. Maybe it was overwhelmed by the releases this week. It's big. Let's go people.

It's a vintage week, musicians of multiple eras releasing new material so let's follow the trek (an odd choice of word unless you had filled it into 4 crosswords in the past week): Iggy Pop is back with  Post Pop Depression, and I haven't sampled it yet so I have no clue what I'm in for. I just know that he is remarkably in shape. Then the 80's attacks! Electronic duo Underworld are back with Barbara Barbara We Face A Shining Future. Minneapolis rockers Soul Asylum with Change of Fortune. Plus Primal Scream has Chaosmosis, and Silk's here with Quiet Storm. Then let's jump to the 90's for Gwen Stefani and she triumphantly sets down This Is What The Truth Feels Like. And I'll have to wait either for the library to get it or Spotify. Whichever first. And another Minnesotan musician, Mason Jennings released Wild Dark Metal.

Lest we forget our past, here's what I scraped together of last week: the List

It was a light list. So is this week. Not sure if I need more sources or if it's just March. *twiddles thumbs* Let's make weird lists, shall we?

The Weird List

Yeah, I'm making a weird list of a weird list.

Information Society, Orders of Magnitude - I found out that these guys have been around for awhile and had a bit of a hit in the late 80's. The album is interesting. I specifically like "Heffalumps and Woozles" and "Kiss You All Over."

Shooter Jennings, Countach (For Giorgio) - which is an album in tribute of Giorgio Moroder featuring Brandi Carlisle singing "Neverending Story" and Marilyn Manson doing "Cat People."

AA Wallace, In Alpha Zones - this goes all over the map wiht sounds and I wasn't really ready for it so I need to give it another listen when I'm not distracted and am open to it.

Do You like...

I really am not list inspired lately I guess. I'll be back. I've already started an odd one for next week. But here you go:

Mumford and Sons and The Lumineers? Maybe you'd enjoy Penny And Sparrow, Let A Lover Drown You

Marilyn Manson heavier stuff? Try Merlin, Electric Children

Lighter Marilyn Manson fare? The KVB, Of Desire

Coldplay-like pop? The Wild Feathers, Lonely is a Lifetime

Elliot Smith if he had a bit more drive and uptempo? Little Green Cars, Ephemera

the song "Counting Stars?" Try the album Get 'Em Next Time from Star & Micey

some fun Latin? Give La Yegros, Magnetismo or Systema Solar, Systema Solar a whirl.

A little something for everyone. That's the refrain after all. So with that, I bid you adieu and Happy Listening!