The Friday Refrain: Saturday Edition!

Happy New Year to you all! Sorry to have disappeared there for a bit. I didn't try to. It just... I treat my weeks like a timed meal. I get X amount of time to eat as much as I can off my plate, and no matter if I'm full or still hungry, when that time is up I just get up and toss my plate into the trash. And then I grab a new plate. I'm pretty sure that's the best metaphor I can make for my life. Maybe it's a crappy way to do it, maybe not, but it's what I've got worked out currently. So there's that. Gosh, my year has actually gotten to a better start than that depressingness I just rattled off up there. Maybe time just moves so quickly and I feel like I never fill enough of it. I mean, it's already a week into the new year and I'm already falling behind. Except in eating cookies. I'm definitely keeping up with eating cookies. Because if that went to the wayside, well, I might just disappear all together. Seriously, let's move on to music because this is just a downward spiral....

Well, fortunately not much has happened in music the last few weeks. Except Christmas Eve - my goodness, there were a lot of surprise singles, and planned Christmas single releases all month, and basically if you're wondering if you're favorite band or singer released something just search it becuaes most likely yes. I think Radiohead wins for releasing their rejected Spectre theme song, which I agree with the majority that it is way better than Sam Smith. I found it to be way more interesting than Radiohead as of late and am curious to hear what they might have in store on their album this year. Just seemed like Thom Yorke might be tolerable again. I definiltey enjoyed the last time I saw them in concert than the first time, so that's cool. Then again, when I didn't like them in concert I liked Muse, and now I don't like Muse, so what if they're some sort of yin/yang thing? But then we have releases. So beyond those Christmas singles, there wasn't much else to report.

David Bowie (is he a sir? I hope so. I think of him as a sir) is releasing Black Star today but it's actually a star that is black as a symbol. My thoughts before looking into it or hearing any of it - it is his last album because he's calling the aliens to come attack Earth and take him home. It's an interesting album, so give it a listen. And that's kinda it this week. There's this all girl band called Hinds that's been getting some buzz. But that's it.

And really, there's not much from the last three weeks to talk about either. So I'm just going to say, How de do. I'm still here. Listen to Bowie and I'll catch you next week when the music releases start to come through again. Until then, cue up your favorites from 2015 and Happy Listening!