The Friday Refrain: Sick Kid Edition

You know those cartoons where the mom is in a bathrobe and her hair is all askew and she has crazy eyes? Well, I may be showered, drinking coffee and dressed, but that is exactly how I feel. Of course, if you look around me there is mess everywhere, though I did manage to mop the kitchen floor this week. That's it. I mopped the floor. And then there's the rest.... Ugh. Well I guess I did manage to record a Half Pints episode last night, so head over to CSICON this weekend to listen to our Holiday EXTRAVAGANZA.

But I am excited. You know why? BECAUSE IT IS CAGE THE ELEPHANT DAY TODAY. And after nap time, the boy might just have to deal with some loud music because I'm going to turn that up. Rap albums out this week include Pusha T, King Push - Darkest Before the Dawn: The Prelude. And Monica, like yeah, that Monica from the 90's Monica, is releasing Code Red today. And I apologize that is probably her least favorite way of being recognized so I apologize to Monica.

All right, so continuing my trend of being two weeks behind or so, here is some stuff I'm digging from December 4th's releases:

Mike Hughes, "It's Xmas Time (But I Don't Mind)" - Wish I had listened to this before today. I would've mentioned it on the podcast. This is a pretty peppy Christmas song. Maybe I'll just sneak it onto the playlist...

Lola Cola, Bad Girlfriend - Good little two song but a little racy just warning.

Okay, we need to get out of the house. I have more but I need to escape. Time to go to the zoo. I'll try to have a big roundup next week before the holiday to kinda catch up and all. All right go forth and Happy Listening!