The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Yeesh, this year is busy so far. We finally managed to record a Half Pints Whole Notes last night. We do our best of and talk a bit about Bowie. Pretty fun to have another year of that ahead. So I disappeared again last week, was getting ready for a friend's baby shower and just when I thought I was in the perfect spot - my bad luck spiral started. I call it a bad luck spiral, because little things start to go wrong and it's fine at first, I can manage. Then slowly they happen with closer and closer frequency until I'm just questioning when the next shoe will drop. Like those coin things at zoos. (at least our MN zoo) Then it just is done. Disappears. It's crazy. Okay, releases.

This week we've got some smaller ones but hopefully good ones. In your face rock Savages are back (finally Yay!) with Adore Life. Speaking of in your face - Megadeth has their 15th (I think?) album out today, Dystopia. Ty Segall is here with Emotional Mugger. And man, it's just not that heavy of a week. Such is January. But that's cool.Oh wait - Aoife O'Donovan comes out with In The Magic Hour today and something tells me that some nice americana-like stuff is just what the snowmaggedon people need. Not here, it's like sunny and moderately temperatured. Even the basement is useable!

Bazang, the list.


Songs To Start Your Weekend

"Hot Stepper," Lunde Bros

"Turning a Hand," Francis - for that drive home or for the lovelorn

"Like Bass," Cicely O'Kain

Off the wall pick - Phall Fatale, Bang Bang Moonlit - I tried to get Josh to do this for HP but I don't think it's going to happen so I will just plug it right here. It's odd. It's everything. If you like music of all shapes and sizes and weird stuff, do this. I like "Crocodile" and "Fish Tank" best.

Electronica Pick - Velvet Stairs, Regency (action movie electronica) or Tommy V, Silence Speaks Vol 1 (loungey electronica)

Americana pick - Bennet Bowtell & Urquhart, Bennet, Bowtell & Urquhart

Reissue Pick or the "Melt that winter snow Pick" - I think it's a reissue or a never before released but old recording, Ernest Ranglin, Jazz Jamaica or Mr. Ranglin With Soul - it's great. Like listen closely to get some musical ideas, or put it on while you're hanging out great. Definitely makes me feel warmer weather is on the way.

You know what, just go put on Ernest Ranglin. Man, this is nice. Repeat all day. That's what I've got. Also, the boy has been sleeping way too long. I mean, he didn't have a morning nap but it's at that point where you put your ear to the door and listen for breathing.... I know he's fine and I appreciate all that I've gotten done, but man, the worrier in me. So there you go. Hope you find something new to sink your ears into and stay warm and safe. Happy Listening!