The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Greetings everyone! It is an amazing day - or the coffee is just really good. Maybe it's both! At some point, there will be a Half Pints Whole Notes episode over at for you to enjoy. That's right - back to back weeks! We had some really good beer, talk some really good music from January and have a pretty good time. But right now, right here it's time to talk about this week's releases before delving into the past.

Today. Today. Today. DREAM THEATER my friends. Dream Theater is here to save the day with The Astonishing. So really it's Happy Dream Theater Day! And Happy Listening!


... Just kidding. I'll keep going. But you know what's playing here in the bunka studio right now. Pop sensation Sia is out with This Is Acting. Tedeschi Trucks Band released Let Me Get By. Indie rock band Bloc Party are here with Hymns. Well I guess those are the big names. It felt like more when I was looking them up.

Well faithful readers, I got a bit sick at the beginning of the week so The List isn't all that it's usually cracked up to be. *coughing, loud sniffles* The List

Okay, last week was weird. A lot of laid back music, weird stuff and a smattering of other stuff. I just crammed it all today and I'm really confused.So here's how i'm recommending this week, back to the tried and true weird lists of yore.

These Albums Have Covers with something to do with water

Sonya Kitchell, We Come Apart - I thought it was just soft singer-songwriter but the track "This Feeling" is amazing. I love that track. Going into the groove file.

Suede, Night Thoughts

Octagrape, Aura Obelisk- I don't know what this is. It's a lot of sound that's for sure. It's abrasive. It's odd. It's kinda together? It's something, that's what it is.

Three Fields, Technologies - More than just some electronica, I feel like it's describing something. According to titles, I guess it woudl be describing technologies, but one never knows do they?

Jazz I'll be checking into..

Robert Kaddouch & Gary Peacock, 53rd Street - the only time I like that bright clear piano tone is on a jazz album like this one. Otherwise I like my piano a little muddy, a little darker, a little something extra. (psst... it's not found in a yamaha)

Three's Company, We'll Be Together Again - I like the opening track, "For Toddlers Only" with it's up and down sax line, percussive cymbal and simple yet fun lines. So I'm going to give the rest of it a whirl as well.

Album Cover I would like to have as a puzzle: The I Don't Cares, Wild Stab  and it's not too bad indie rock either.

Female fronted odd indie synthy rock Half Pints woudl probably talk about: Charlie Hilton, Palana

Normally I wouldn't but...  Chairlift, Moth - it's the kind of poppy that I typically just shrug off but for some reason my curiostiy is piqued. Maybe it's because it's midwinter, maybe it's the January thaw, I don't know. but I'm kinda liking it.

Hey guys doing grunge currently... The By Gods, Get On Feelings. Girl grunge is so 2015

Bonus Metal: Abbath, Abbath

Singer-Songwriter Pick:  Sam Means, 10 Songs - part of me wishes there weren't 10 songs. Just to mess with ya.

Whatever this is I like it: Ulver, ATGCLVLSSCAP - wordless metal? I don't know. But it's darkish.

And there ya be me laddies. I don't know why i turned into a pirate. It's getting oddly dark and cloudy right now. I think it's affecting me. Also, I was drinking tea for the second half of writing this. That's odd in itself. All right I have things to do, lessons to plan, chair covers to make, rooms to clean, time to skedaddle. Hope you all have a lovely weekend and Happy Listening!