The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

I always wait and wait, thinking, "I can just listen to a few more bands... Oh I really should have gotten to ___ first..." And then it's the afternoon and I still haven't posted the refrain. So I'm just calling it people. (As I keep skimming through albums while writing this) I'm feeling a little cloudy though this morning so I'm not really sure how to organize my thoughts. A MAN OUT FOR HIS RUN JUST RAN BY IN JUST SHORTS - IT IS 57 DEGREES FARENHEIT. I am in my house with socks, pants, and a long sleeve on. What are you thinking dude? No wonder he was going so fast. Probably just trying to get it over with. Br. I feel colder suddenly...

Today! Today is Friday September 18th and Keith Richards is releasing a solo effort titled Crosseyed Heart. Speaking of famous classic rock bands and solo work - David Gilmour is also on the scene today with Rattle That Lock. Divisive singer-songwriter alt pop pseudo star(?) Lana Del Rey is back again with Honeymoon - and none of that description is meant in a snide or off-handed way but my honest to goodness trying to remember/relate her work and its reception. Slowly Battles has been eliminating the vocals off their albums, and today is the day (or so I read somewhere I think) that it has transmorphed into with La Di Da Di. Judy Collins returns with Strangers Again.

Shaka List! That doesn't really work. Well, just as well, I didn't have any pudding today and I think I'm going through withdrawal.

So Low released their album last week, as well as a band named Lower (a touch of rock with a Smiths sound to it) released I'm A Lazy Son... But I'm The Only Son - but no Lowest. I mean... Come on fates! WHY? WHYYYYYYYYYYYEEEEE? It would have been so comedic and now I'm left hanging. Low... Lower...

 And then what are the chances that I randomly press play on the perfect song for my morning to begin? Well, that is what happened when I started Jackson Boone's new album Natural Changes on the track "Runaway." Vocal effects reminiscent of T. Rex and dreamy vintage harmonics with a grooving bass line kinda made me feel like I was listening to a soundtrack of a movie. Maybe something intriguing will happen today...

Well I can report back that nah, not much has happened yet. Except I need a nap, it is somehow 1:20 pm and I'm still coming back to work on this post. Admittedly, it wasn't the constant listening's fault this time, it was my need to shower before the boy awoke from morning nap. And now he's down for afternoon nap so I'm going to catch a few winks as well. Dergh - I can't just leave it with those two quips above. All right, this is the rest of my Liked List followed by my To-Listen list (which isn't very interesting this week I think):

Shannon and the Clams, Gone By The Dawn

Lazy Knuckles, Bucolic - electronica stuff with interest and full album length

Kocleo, Pacific Time - Electronica stuff that I just kinda like the beats

Grey Lands, Right Arm - got to bring the rock at some point today, right?

Twin Tones, Ojo De Luz - trippy

Ben Folds, So There

Orrin Evans, The Evolution of Oneself - Jazz stuff

HSY, Bask - noise/weird

Fitness, Fitness EP - my kind of 80s type sound pop fun

Nightfell, Darkenss Evermore - Metal

Sergey Khachatryan, My Armenia - classical stuff

Late Night Tales With Nils Frahm - I listen to this series in general ever since that Benedict Cumberbach thing

Nicholas Angelich, Different Spaces - Classical stuff

Okay I feel better now, that's a bit more substance. Anyway, I'm going to catch a few winks, or watch a little tv... Ahh... Relaxing. Happy Listening and embrace the autumn of today!