The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Friday Friday Friday Friday! Hey everyone out there in numbers and bits of information land - how are you doing this fine day? Well, I took a nap. I had some pudding. And now as I finish my coffee and listen to some more of last week's releases, I feel like it's a good time to talk music. It's a Half Pints Whole Notes week, so check out the podcast if you want to hear myself and my friend Josh Wodarz discuss some recent releases in a bit more depth than I get into on the refrain.

Well we're in the cultural fall now with school in full swing and Labor Day having come and gone which means one thing - A mess of releases every week now until Thanksgivingish. And I'm just not going to get through as much as I have before (small thing at my knee would like me to look at the monkey paperclip now), but I'll try. Let's hit the stuff of today first off - and get ready to knock your socks off. Rounding out our weeks, almost a month?, of huge metal releases Slayer is here with Repentless. Alice Cooper has formed a who's who band of Johnny Depp and Joe Perry plus unbelievable guests such as Sir Paul himself. Oh, the band and album are called Hollywood Vampires. Ben Folds is back with another album, this time collaborating with the ensemble yMusic on So There. Craig Finn of The Hold Steady is releasing his second solo album titled, Faith in the Future. The Libertines have Anthems for Doomed Youth and Low is back with Ones And Sixes. Let's round out the Alt/Indie/Whatever we call it these days category with Gary Clark Jr.  and The Story of Sonny Boy Slim. Veteran rockers, can I call them that?, Duran Duran is here again with Paper Gods. And just to confirm that everyone is releasing an album this year, maybe even just today, Jewel released Picking Up The Pieces. And that is just scratching the surface - there are also releases from Beirut, Stereophonics, The Scorpions, and more.

So how could you want anything more? well, check out what you might have missed last week with last week's List.

I'm Going to Bring the Rock

 The Hemingers, What's A Heminger? - Fast punk like feel to it. Hits you hard and fast. Right in the gut.

Pagiins, Opium Den Pool Party - I can't believe the good amount of rock from last week. I saw some article recently on how there's no rock anymore just americana/folk rock and that is so untrue. This list proves it.

The Ghost Ease, RAW - It is something else. Honestly, I'm just throwing on a random track of my list and hitting gold today. It's almost like Blonde Redhead got super angry

Marrow, The Gold Standard - We talk about it on the podcast, but I want to mention it again because it's worth it. It varies in its flavor of rock but it's got some straightforward rock to it aswell.

The opposite of bringing the rock?

Max Richter, From Sleep - Yeah it's for sleeping I think? Or depicts sleeping? Anyway it's chill.

Jean-Louis Beaumadier, Postcards - It's a piccolo album and at first I thought it would be funny to send it to my co-host as a joke but we both listened to it and it's good.

Mueller_Roedelius, Imagori - It's something and it's good. I think. My mind is getting foggy with the weight of the week and lack of sleep wearing on it so...

Time to call it. Plus I'm listening to really chill out and relax music so that isn't helping my brain alertness. Also, there is an orb weaver spider with a web by our front door outside and it looks like a Halloween decoration but it's not. And it caught a dragonfly in the web! It's doing the things a spider will do once its caught a dragonfly now, and that is pretty exciting. So there's that to watch tonight. Anyway, supper time (I started this with morning cake, how is it suddenly suppertime? yeesh) so happy listening everyone!