The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Don't worry everyone, I didn't get buried under the avalanche of music from last week. I'm still here. Just kinda was on vacation and decided to, well, vacation. So... that means I'm not really ready for today either. But head over to to hear the latest Half Pints, which we recorded last Friday. And I'll be back next week with recommendations from today's releases (and maybe a catch up of the past couple weeks). But you know what else I realized as I stared at the unfilled in list? IT'S OCTOBER. And that only means one thing - I have two months to hammer out my best of list. Jiminy Crikey. This is a doozy of a year for releases too. I liked a lot. And I might still like a lot. We've got Adele, maybe, still to come, and other people. Blitzen Trapper? Wait, that's today! Today! Blitzen Trapper is here! It's like Christmas. Hey all, let's just all go listen to the new Blitzen Trapper and forget I ever didn't compile a list from last week, eh? Eh.

What else am I missing from this week? Let's see here... (rummages through imaginary treasure trove of music contained in old large wooden treasure chest that shoots rainbows and bright light from its depths) Garbage is doing the 20th anniversary thing for their eponymous album. Avicii dance pop is back with Stories. Collective Soul here with Swe What You Started By Continuing. Wavves are dropping V. Oh yeah, and Eagles of Death Metal duke it out with Zipper Down.

Hey we just won tickets to Blitzen Trapper. Sweet. I'm going to end my weekend on that. Also, go listen to the new album. Just do it. And - THE DOMESTICS ARE OPENING. I might be more excited for the opener. But not, because Blitzen Trapper is super awesome. Otherwise we wouldn't go see them every time they are in town. Anyway, Happy Listening!