The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Hey there, it's a gorgeous day out there, if not a little humid and scorching sun, but it's okay because it's August and that only means one thing in this neck of the woods - bitter cold and darkness creeps ever so closer. So suck it up while you can because you'll need these thoughts for the long winter nights. Like Frederick by Leo Lionni. Oh I love that book, actually I just love Leo Lionni books. But enough with that, pshaw books, time for music!

Out today - Country artist Pat Green released Home. 90's rock band Pavement are releasing some stuff they haven't released before and the first installment is out today, The Secret History Vol 1. I'm guessing that will surprisingly end up in our record collection at the house. - Okay, pause on the news, I organized our vinyl collection last weekend and as I'm going through the records I found a couple I didn't "realize" we had when in fact my husband admits that he had purchased them and slipped them in without me knowing... "I needed another one to get free shipping" *eye roll* I love him, but seriously. Okay unpause - Grace Potter has ditched The Nocturnals and released Midnight. Which is ironic? And rapper 2 Chainz is out with Trapavelli Tre.

Enough about new stuff, it's Last Week's List!

And this week it's another episode of Half Pints Whole Notes with my cohost Josh and me. We actually hit up a couple of the things from last week I really enjoyed, including Langhorne Slim & the Law, La Luz, and Golden Rules. So go check that out. I hope you enjoy it and if you like it, stop by csicon to find out how to support our awesome network of cohorts and discover other amazing podcasts ranging the gamut of topics from Sunday morning coffee to gaming.

Other things of note I found:

Toe, Hear You - Another instrumental band? Crazy. Don't know what woodwork these are coming out of...

Deaf Wish,Pain

HEALTH,  death magic

Jonathan Tyler, Holy Smokes,

Pridjevi, Pridjevi

Ultimate Painting, Green Lanes

Zachary Cale, Sundowner

Vaguess, Bodhi Collection

Moke Hill, Time Stops Moving

Built in Sun, Built in Sun

Hauschka, A NDO C Y

And that's it because well it's a zoo here. Time to flee. Happy listening!