The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Oh man this week is a good week for my husband and I to not listen to new music together. Rob Thomas, you know that guy who fronted Matchbox 20? (he probably is done being referred to as that but hey), has released The Great Unknown. BON JOVI? ! ? ! is here with Burning Bridges, and yes that is exactly what I'm listening to. Except mainly I'm a fan of Bon Jovi on Ally McBeal than anything else... Rapper Method Man released The Meth Lab and pop star Carly Rae Jepsen is here to save the day with E-MO-TION. What else? lemme see... Oh my goodness, Disturbed? Really? Okay, yeah, Disturbed is out with Immortalized. Scot rockers The Fratellis release Eyes Wide, Tongue Tied and I will admit that I confused them with The Frames initially. But I confuse The Pretenders and The Proclaimers, it's just how my mind is. So yeah, after a lackluster couple of weeks, shabang there you go. Names you might recognize or have heard of before. You may now feel safe in your cocoon of familiarity again. It's a good place to go to every now and then.

Well, for what it is, here is last week's list. I will be honest, I might have been on the ball and then fallen off it. So the latter half of the alphabet is not so fleshed out this week...

Do you need a new...

80s pop song? Check out Heatwave, Wild Ones

Something jazzy, a little B3 Organ?  then give Walter Sopicki, B3x3 a whirl


"Take That" Manotti da Vinci - My husband will think I picked it based on title alone. And that's not true. But I do say "Take that" a lot. And I'm not discerning. I've been known to say it to a 9 year old and laugh maniacally. 9 year olds try to act so grown up anymore, I'm pretty sure they just think I'm immature. Take that.

American, folk country rock album?  Then you can try The Waifs, Beautiful You

something like Bully?  then Palehound, Dry Food is your groove

Also "Dairy Queen" from PWR BTTM is a good way to startyour weekend.

Well, there it be. Happy Listening!