The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

So it ended up being a Saturday edition again... I started this yesterday for the record with an intro about how I'm not a TGIF person until this week. And it was true. Now it's Saturday though so that seems silly. Oh my goodness, the trash smells. I need to write this quick and take that out. Oh summer, you and your stinky garbage.

Today is a pretty big day. Dr. Dre is back with Compton: A Soundtrack. Let's not stop there, we've also got another big rapper from the 90s, Warren G and Regulate... G Funk Era Pt. II. Hopping over to the country side of things, Luke Bryan moseys on in with Kill the Lights. Jumping over the tracks to the indie rock/alt rock scene we've got Jack + Eliza, Gentle Warnings and The Mynabirds, Lovers Know. Stroll on down to the singer-songwriter side of things and Mac DeMarco is out there with Another One.

All right so that's today in a nutshell, what about last week? What might have slipped past? What gems can we unearth?

Doo wop bippidy bang The List!

And then some things about things on that list... thing.

Radar Cult, Memory Sweep - Kinda got that old Radiohead vibe to it at times. Good build to the songs. Feels like a journey

Musync, "Ghost" and "I Loved You More" - Ghost definitely has a First Aid Kit vibe to it.

Ripple Green, Timepiece - The singer reminds me of the vocal child of the lead singer from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah and Edward Sharpe & the Magnetics

Russkaja, Peace Love & Russian Roll  - Okay, so it's gypsy and inherently you think Gogol Bordello right, but then I kinda get this Mighty Mighty Bosstones and Mariachi El Bronx to it too. Maybe it's because it feels so live and raw. Which all three of those have as well.

Lindo Man, Carotene Dreams - Totally the thing I can listen to when I can't sleep and am hanging out in  my dining room.

Instrumental rock got your goat?

Then try out Grimace Foundation, The Measure in Mixture or Haiku Salut, Etch and Etch Deep.

Attack of the Singer-Songwriters, Part Deux

Lianne La Havas, Blood - This one is getting buzz. One of two singer-songwriters from the British peoples.

Benjamin Clementine, At Least For Now - The other British one

Roadside Graves, Gospel Radio - Just a single but it was kinda fun and maybe it's the fact that I've been listening to stuff in the wee morning hours.

John Galea, I Am A Survivor

Sianna Plavin, Go On Now - This is good headphones music. Kinda sparse and simple.

Attack of the Misters

Mr Criminal, Evoluton of A G - A rapping mister

Mr G, Sweatbox - an EDM mister

Mr Sun, The People Need Light - And then an americana type mister for ya.

Okay I have so much more because it turns out I like a lot of stuff at 3 am. But I'm tired. I need to sleep. And take out the trash. Pew. And trap the cat downstairs. He has two hours until he gets fed and he's already freaking out. This cat, you'd think he hadn't eaten 10 hours ago. He would eat until he died if we let him. Once I got guilt-tripped by the vet because of his weight. He's good now. Because we don't listen to his bellyaching anymore. Anyway, good night, good day, happy listening!