The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

All right, it's a Half Pints Whole Notes week and this time we talk about a month's worth of music, inbetween arguing over Miguel. It's a lot about Miguel. And then some other bands get a few words about them as well. So I'm kinda cranky and cantankerous, and I don't want to look back anymore so no List this week. Ha take that routine, threw you to the curb! Bam. Let's took a look at today. 

This week is crazy bananas in releases. Wilco released a surprise free album and so I think we should just all go enjoy that. What do you say? Well, I guess there are a couple other big ones today, so first... Chemical Brothers are back with Born in the Echoes. Did all these guys just see how insanely well Daft Punk did and want to join the fray or was it just a matter of time? I don't know. But it's pretty awesome. The Bird & The Bee return after a few years with Recrational Love and I'm looking forward to digging their pretty harmonies again, if that's what they do. Tame Impala ripped onto the scene a few years ago now with their exciting trippy and really interesting Lonerism, back now again with Currents but take heed Impala fans, I've heard this takes a turn from before. Country giant Alan Jackson releases Angels & Alcohol today. And on a totally different end of the musical spectrum, Pitbull is out with Dale. Pop Singer-songwriter Jason Isbell jumps into the action of today with Something More Than Free.

All right that's it. I'm throwing in the towel. Gotta go do stuff and such and things. Oh man, happy listening to all you out there going to Eaux Claires this weekend. It sounds like a whole bunch of amazingness and I am excited to hear back how it goes this weekend. Super lineup, super venue, super cool. Just remember, reapply your sunblock every two hours or so, drink lots of water, and wear your ear protection! Happy Listening!