The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

This is an oddball week, and if I had planned it out like everyone else, I would have just used this week as my round-up of my favorites for the year but since I kinda did that on the podcast a few weeks ago, it feels redundant and cheating. But the thing is, everything's kinda in flux this week. Today is the day that internationally music is united in its release day - Fridays for everyone! Which means for me that I will be changing up the Friday Refrain a bit. Every Friday, I'll mention the big ones coming out that day, but The List and my musings will be on the previous week's stuff. Kinda like, "Hey, this is the big stuff today but here's what you might have missed last week."

So let's get started, shall we?

Sneak attack List! Pow!

So today, the 10th of July what have we got on tap? Well, it looks like we're kicking off the first international Friday release day with some Owl City and their new release, Mobile Orchestra. We've got a little of everything popping up today. Metal veterans Cradle of Filth are back with Hammer of the Witches. The original Veruca Salt line-up of 90s alternative fame are releasing Ghost Notes. Ghostface Killah and Adrian Younge presents Twelve Reasons To Die II is also out today.

And like I said, last week's stuff is pretty odd because we were switching from Tuesday to Friday, though there were still albums that released on Tuesday. Anyway, here's a few highlights:

Paga Monstro, Alfarroba - As you know if you've read The Refrain before, I suck at hearing lyrics oftentimes. Turns out these guys aren't singing in English, but the sound is just some good rock in a good blend of California rock and just psychedelia.

Need something a little sunshiney? Try out The Gorgeous Chan, Marina & I.

I can't decide how I feel about Kins, Cyclical. It's interesting and I like it and then I get a little eh, and then I'm like, "No this is good." And i"m not sure. It's going on again. Fortunately it's just an EP so I can  just throw it on again and play some more Wario's Woods. Because I'm addicted to that game.

And then there's a ton of electronica. Comes to the surface when I don't have much else to dig from. Anyhoot, that's the refrain this week. I hope this was enough. It was kinda scratched together over ten minutes here and ten minutes there and bada booyah, I'm writing the conclusion. Seriously though, I love Wario's Woods. But I should really do some more dishes. *big sigh* Hey, stay hydrated, wear ear protection and happy listening!