The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

 I keep oscillating between knowing it's Friday and having the time to write. Finally put the two together so here I am taptaptapping away on the keys of my laptop with another edition of the Friday Refrain. Bit of a warm spell going on here. One of those days where outside is the same as inside is the same as downstairs is the same as upstairs. It's just warm. All over. A day when you need to drink peach soda with ice and always have a fan aimed at you. Oscillating. It's all oscillating.

Oscillate this List!

And today in music releases, literally today!, Jill Scott is out with Woman. Joe Satriani and Shockwave Supernova, and Eleni MandellDark Lights Up. I should've just done all j's if I had noticed. Ah well. I'm sure next week I'll realize I missed some bigger stuff, but for now this will have to do. 

So last week's best album art has to go to Powerwolf and they're album Blessed & Possessed. There is a wolf priest doing an exorcism on the cover in the light of a full moon? It's crazy.

Hm... things I liked... things I liked... If you're into Magnetic Fields and Wilco, try out The Domestics' eponymous album.

Galactic's funk and jazzy Into the Deep is a good thing for a hot summer night.

If you want some California beach rock, which is never in short demand but still nice to throw on something new, right?  - check out Day Wave, Headcase EP.

Also perfect for a summer's eve is some bluesy guitar with Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters, Father's Day.

I also listened to ALOKE's Alive  album last week and you know, it's got some good stuff on there. Maybe a little more towards what I wish Muse would have evolved into - but not saying it is Muse, just a bit of the sound is all, you know?

All right you rascals, time to split. A few options of the past week, a trio of the new stuff today and there you be. Stay cool, stay hydrated and happy listening!