The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

Good Friday to all! (get it? Cuz it's Good Friday? See what I did there? Anyway...) What a release week. So many big ones on the indie/alt scene. And it's been another fortweek so last night my friend Josh and I recorded our seventh episode of Half Pints Whole Notes. We agree on 4 albums, drink a spicy beer and then Josh lets off some steam. And secretly I learned why I need to keep better notes - so I don't forget bands I've been listening to when on the spot. (or that Sufjan Steven's album is The BQE. How did I forget that? How?)

In between thing, I'm eating lunch while entertaining my baby and writing this and I think I ate a baby carrot with one end being the stem end. Ugh. The List.

Rapper Ludacris is back with Ludaversal. Death Cab For Cutie released Kintsugi, and Sufjan Stevens is out with the grieving album of Carrie & Lowell. Former Hootie & the Blowfish member Darius Rucker is solo with Southern Style. And Ringo Starr is back with Postcards From Paradise.

Get your dance on this week with Madeon, Adventure. Flash back to earlier EDM times with The Prodigy, The Day Is My Enemy. And get your 80s on with any of these new releases: Lower Dens, Escape From Evil; Reptar, Lurid Glow; or The Soft Moon, Deeper.

But really, it's spring and so I know we're all just going to put on The Kinks and call it a day, right? Because that's the thing to do when the air gets warm and the windows get opened - put on The Kinks and spring clean the place. Hopefully, at least because I'm still working on this work/family balance and need to jet. Part of the family is over tomorrow for ham, eggs and hunting. Happy Listening!