The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

I don't even think I need to go into smaller releases of the week with the bounty that released on Tuesday. Thinking back on it today, I couldn't believe it was all the same week. Brian Wilson was this week? I thought as I was sketching out what to write. And Lord Huron? Phew. Carefree rockin Matt and Kim are back with New Glow. Mountain Goats are storytelling their way through Beat The Champ. There's been some buzz around Waxahatchee and her album, Ivy Tripp. And really? Blues Traveler exists with Blow Up The Moon as well. Chalk that one up on the board of "Didn't realize they still make the go arounds."

Okay okay Okay... The List

"Hey Becca, what would you recommend for some tax crunching this weekend?"

Well, I'll tell ya...

Pokey Lafarge, Something In The Water, waxes nostalgic with his uber retro sound - like prior to rock eras.

Get your country on with Kristian Bush's Southern Gravity (Really just including it because I always ready Southern Gravy instead and then I think what if Bush's Beans made Bush's Gravy and people just bought cans of Southern Gravy? Would the dog share that recipe too?)

GABI, Sympathy, is kinda Bjorkesque but I guess that's really just saying its's kind of out there layered music and fun.

The London Souls, Here Come The Girls, have some blues, some old school rock, some good stuff going on.

All Time Low, Future Hearts, take that 00's heavier rock of the popular type sound and do that thing.

Remember how there was that one hardcore-ish band in high school with the screaming guy and everyone was really into it and all? Well, Soda Bomb remind me of that only they're legit. So check out Wanna Jam? if you're into that sort of thing.

Need some sort of repetitive slowly developing music to percolate behind all those number crunchings? Try Colleen, Captain of None

Just looking for some rock? DTCV is out with Uptime! this week. I haven't gotten a full listen on it yet, but I'm excited because this was one of the first bands I "discovered" for myself when I started this crazy experiment of listening a year and a half ago.

I started to really dig Jessie Baylin, Dark Place, for a singer-songwriter vibe or try Josh Rouse, Embers of Time who has just a sprinkle of Mason Jennings to his voice. Not much, just like a dash. A glimmer or shine of it.

And I don't know what this sounds like but I like the name Life Size Maps.

And jeez, the man doesn't do anything for years and now it's just like an Aphex Twin avalanche. This week introduced the official release of the Japanese bonus tracks titled for us MARCHROMT30A Edit 2B 96. Super catchy. Rattled right off the fingertips.

Back here after listening to some Life Size Maps. it's kinda upbeat and fun.

Okay I have to eat dinner now. Hope that gives your ears something good to groove upon. And HAPPY FESTIVAL SEASON! Coachella kicks off today and I consider it the opening of the outdoor festival season. I love this season. Someday can I be a millionaire and just go from festival to festival to festival? Maybe. I'll let you know if that happens. Happy festivals, happy taxes and Happy Listening y'all! Stay hydrated and use sunscreen!