The Friday Refrain: A bit of what's new in music...

"There's something in the basement."

That is what I just texted to my husband. So ominous. Well, not quite. I know it's some sort of rodent - mouse, or chipmunk. But enough to grab my son and hightail it out of there, stuff towels under the door so that whatever it is stays down there this time. Not like Tuesday. Tuesday, my cat caught a chipmunk, and through a hilarity of hijinks, we chased it around the house until I chased it out.

If you are the same chipmunk, thing in my basement, you are not very smart. Also, how do you know how to use the internet? Are you some sort of children's fictional character? Ah well. You can be safe to assume this will be short.

This week, musically what happened this week? Well, Toto is back with a couple of the original members now I guess with Toto XIV and they're excited about it so it's in my To-Listen pile. And what's with the surprise albums lately? Rapper Earl Sweatshirt sprung I Don't Shit, I Don't Go Outside. What's Kevin Eubanks been doing now that he no longer has Jay Leno's show? Well, he's still making music, namely with Stanley Jordan on their new album, Duets. Kidz Bop 28 is out too so get your kids those safe pop songs now. Laura Marling who has an impressive amount of albums for her age is out back again with Short Movie. As is Nellie McKay with My Weekly Reader. And Van Morrison released Duets: Re-Working the Catalogue.

Man, there's a lot of semi-big stuff:

Courtney Barnett, who I think of as the female Australian version of Art Brut, is out with Sometimes I Sit And Think, And Sometimes I Just Sit

Chastity Belt has Time To Go Home

Buena Vista Social Club with Lost & Found

Rapper Action Bronson with Mr. Wonderful

Been around for a long time The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is back with Freedom Tower: No Wave Dance Party 2015

Okay baby crying, rodent in the basement, litter box needs to come upstairs. I have to flee. Chilly Gonzalez Chambers is pretty great instrumental music. And I'm digging the afrobeat jazz stuff of Atanga Boom, Atanga Boom. So there's a couple more to throw on this weekend. Good luck to all and Happy Listening!

Wait! I'm From Barcelona I forgot it on the list, but they have a new album out. Check it out. I love them. Please come to Minnesota!