The Void

It's one of those days that just encourages distraction. I tried to make some eggplant hummus, but I forgot that I needed to clean the oven - that is, until I smelled burning. Which encouraged me to play a few video games, eat my lunch and get back to the oven.

Except then I noticed all the dishes, so I decided to do those instead. Which led me to the container drawer. It was odd though, the container drawer was fairly empty, however my lid drawer was pretty full. "Hm...." I thought.

So I decided to put all the lids on all the containers and ended up with this:

Isn't that pretty? All those containers ready to organize! Except I was also left with this:

There are 21 lids without a home. I can account for 2 of them, but the rest? I have no clue. And now I don't know what to do with them. Do I save them in case I find their counterparts some day, or just chuck them? Of course, disposing of them will only guarantee the arrival of the counterpart. It reminds me of another drawer in our home:

Oh the sock wormhole! I had no idea it had a sneaky accomplice. I keep the socks because you never know when the other sock will secretly be delivered back to you from wherever it was vacationing. That, and they're pretty handy.

Lids are not handy however. Perhaps they could be emergency plates. While pondering this quandery though, I did capture this:

RAWR!Mr. Clyde you are the best. I have the feeling my entire day was leading up to being able to take that photo. Well, the oven will have to wait some more as I must go off and teach some lessons!

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