Gathering Seasons

I finally mustered up the energy today to switch out my hutches for the season. This is our last season in our apartment, our last 6 weeks. I think we have a place to go to, but nothing is for certain until it's all signed on the dotted line. Anyway, as I walked through the dining room to put away my dishes from lunch, there it sat. All of summer and spring gathered onto our dining room table for the last time. And I quickly ran to capture it.

This week I had three students play the same thing. First idly, just playing a few notes, then putting them together a little more at a time until the piano sang out: "Fi-garo! FIGARO FIGARO FIGAROFIGARoFIGAROFIGA - RO!"

One student, just a fluke. Two? Coincidence. Three students all in 3 days? That felt kind of weird, even a little creepy. How did all these students of different ages and skill levels all think of this same melody the same way?


Happy Autumn!

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