To Do... Ta-Da!

I have been telling my husband about this project for a long time and it's cold and snowy, so I did it. Mainly because I think that it makes doing chores much more fun. The same way our laundry chute makes laundry waaaaay more fun. Especially if you yell things as you drop stuff... I mean clothes. And never anything breakable. I promise.

I took a few photos of the project as I went. My materials were all things I had in my "This'll be good for something" stash:

- Locker magnet board which needed a touch-up because I thought it was a dry erase board. It was not.

- Empty mini-Nerds box

- Adhesive magnets

First, I painted the board to give it a nice new look. Then I made a list of all the different regular chores we do around our house. (psst... We bought a house, and it's amazing - there are many projects to be done and document!) Once I had my list, I printed it out on plain paper and plain print. It was boring, so I did it again. Brown cardstock, and a fun font:

Originally, each rectangle would fit perfectly on a magnet, but as you can see I had some lining up issues and needed to add some more.

 Still, in a perfect world, I printed each rectangle out, cut them out, adhered the magnet, and cut them into individual chores.

Next, I printed out my To Do and Ta-Da! on pretty blue paper. I cut out the To Do in a rectangle and put a magnet on it. I then wrapped my Nerds box (sans flaps) with the Ta-Da! positioned on the front. Once again, a bit of a sizing issue but I was on a roll and didn't care. I can redo it later if it starts to bug me. (which it might)

And what about that icky not-a-dry-erase-board?


Way above my expectations. It just worked. Now I just have to put them all together:

To Do:

To DoAs we finish our chores, we move the chore magnet into the Ta-Da box. So when it's all done,


My favorite part is that each piece is easily used in a different way. I can hang it on the fridge, or I can use the little nail to hang it on any wall I want - office, pantry, etc. Also, I can just use the To Do/Ta-Da magnets on the fridge if I want to use my beautiful new magnet board anywhere else. Plus, it didn't take much time at all to assemble and now every time we finish a chore, we can successfully yell out,

"To do? TA-DA!"

Now if only this project were on the To Do board...