Oh, doodle

So this summer got crazy - momentarily I had less students and then I got more. I am super happy to meet new students and help them figure out this monster instrument, but it has turned my schedule upside down. I am recalibrating and making lots of notes. Should be on the horse tomorrow.

Also, I really don't like dealing with photos. I have to do it in batches. Very small temperamental batches of not really feeling accomplished. This is my biggest problem, but I'm working on it, finding some relaxing music and getting through it. (doesn't help we took TONS of photos at festivals this year) I have a slew of topics I want to put up, so just sit tight (Or go for a walk, it's summer you shouldn't wait in front of a screen). It's possible that July could get blog crazy. Upcoming: Bonnaroo and River's Edge wrap-ups, my garden (including minikeg planters), my holiday tree, a few more helpful festival tips, couple of music games, and maybe even a musically themed Summer Oly... I mean musically themed Summer Tournament. (anyone else read about that knitting group?)

All right, technically I can tell myself I posted, and I have finished my lunch which means it's back to work! Students need to learn One Direction, Adele, Bach, Astronautalis, Michael Jackson, Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies, and more! (yay diversity!)

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