The Wordplay List

Lists and lists abound today... The one I stuck with started out as sci-fi/fantasy and then devolved into potential summer book bestsellers... So then its

Potential Sci-Fi Bestselling Titles... until it's just Summer Reading Bestsellers

  • Juno Reactor, The Mutant Theatre
  • Lumerians, Call of the Void
  • The Ethiopian, Dread Prophecy
  • Jedi Mind Tricks, The Bridge & The Abyss
  • Corrina Repp, How A Fantasy Will Kill Us All
  • Ashe, The Rabbit Hole
  • Isla Craig, The Becoming
  • T. Hardy Morris, Dude, the Obscure
  • Vein, Errorzone
  • Tim Rutilli, 10 Seconds To Collapse
  • Yukon Blonde,  Critical Hit
  • Lera Lynn, Plays Well WIth Others

So yeah, that was a pretty fun one  to put together. And another amazingly listenable playlist....