The Wordplay List

It's back - putting together albums that probably wouldn't end up in a list together. Finding commonalities or trends in album titles or band names. Years of word game and logic solving paired with the pattern finding of a musician!

Anyhoot - this week it's more about the wordplay than a category. Long long long time readers might recall one time when I created a fictional letter out of all the album titles on my list of releases. Well, this week it's not all of them but I crafted a poem out of album titles and it makes an interesting playlist that's for sure. Here goes:

The Wordplay List: A Poem

Storm Boy -
the bright flight
eyes closed.
It’s hard to have hope
no place is Home
in the air without a shape
Still dreaming imaginary music -
music for empty ears -
I woke up.
Another time
Another place
Our story