The Friday Refrain: What's New In Music

Light day. Light as in not much in releases. Because most days there's light outside, so that's just redundant...

New Music

Nicki Minaj released Queen today. Country/Southern Rock singer-songwriter Shooter Jennings returns with Shooter. Elvis Presley is back in the album sales with the release of Where No One Stands Alone, it's a bunch of gospel recordings and a duet between Elvis and Lisa Marie Presley because of music magic. Indie rockers Foxing released Nearer My God. And love/relationship songwriter of gold, Jason Mraz, is back with Know.

Should I Bother?

  • Jason Mraz: If you love Jason Mraz, you will love this album. Also, keep this in mind for your Valentine's playlists next February lovers.
  • Foxing: I saw one review and it mentioned how amazing the first track is. Which it's a good track. And it's a good album. But that first track is very close to Gogo Penguin's music. So I'm not as impressed as the reviewer I read was.
  • Shooter Jennings: Need a little Souther rock country? Here you go.

And yeah, it's a little light. I didn't get to Nicki Minaj because I had to restart the computer and it takes Spotify forever to load because I've got too much cached. anyway... I'll update the spotify list later this weekend but until then just go back to Chochuter and listen to that again. Happy Listening!