To Listen 5

I know it's been awhile since I've gotten a To Listen 5 posted, but I was determined this week - not even a brick dropped on my toes would stop me today I said. Should have told the brick the toe thing was unnecessary, but here we are.

Lola Kirke, Heart Head West - it's been a Lissie summer around this house and if you were looking for another kick-ass female songwriter to add to that Neko Case and Lissie pile this year - look no further. She has that great powerful voice and the songs are well written.

Mahmundi, Para Dias Ruins - Need something to put on for your poolside chill-out or just a relaxed summer afternoon? Then this is a good bet. Okay, this comparison is going to sound weird but it makes sense in my head so I'm just going to say it - you know when Julia Ormond in Sabrina is in Paris doing the whole Vogue intern thing? This would be a great soundtrack to that. Or you/I can pretend that you/I are the one in Paris in the 90s interning at Vogue and having a crazy time and eventually falling in love with Harrison Ford.

Airrace, Untold Stories - My husband thinks I'm crazy but I think this is a great combination of classic rock in the realm of Journey and Kansas and hair metal. I love the keys in this. I also like the locked in parallel riffs.

The Beths, The Future Me Hates Me - So I admit, I initially listened to this because the title made me think I wouldn't be into it and also the album title rings true to myself a lot. But then I was like, "Or I just love this." It's my perfect indie punky garagey little indie pop twist on the top kind of music. "Uptown Girl" is such a fun and crazy song with a chorus that you immediately start singing along with. And if you don't, then I guess you need a new cup of tea. Move down move down.

And this last one is a two-fer

Odetta Hartmann,, Old Rockhounds Die Hard - it's folksy and a little westerny but songwritery and indie as well. It's like Patrick Watson was merged with a 1920/1930's singer. Some songs are really simple but addicting. It has that pertinent softness as if everything is a little muffled or wrapped in felt.

Potyguara Bardo, Simulacre - Long time readers know two things: 1. for some reason I really have an affinity for Brazilian musicians. And it's not because they're from Brazil, I pretty much listen to albums like I'm throwing darts at a board. Second thing long time readers know: I'm not good at researching things or spending too much time into it. Which is why I offered an optional 5th listen up above there because I don't know what Potyguara Bardo is singing but it sounds like it's a little tongue-in-cheek and innuendo-ed. I have no idea what that first track of a phone conversation is about but I do know that when it gets to the music, "Karamba" is dancey but also I feel like it must be NSFW. But sometimes I'm just like, whatever. I'm going to dance to this now. And maybe you need to dance, so here you go.

Boom. To Listen 5+ right there. Sink your ears into that.