The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Happy Memorial Day weekend to those in the states! Probably explains the lighter slate of music for today. Pop singer Shawn Mendes released an eponymous album today. Snow Patrol is back with Wildness  and electronicky poppy indie Chvrches return with Love Is Dead. Hoobastank is back on the scene with Push Pull. Jonathan Davis of Korn released Black Labyrinth which has some kinda creepy songs on it but there's an okay one on the playlist if you're curious about that release.  And a couple of Pint Notes alum shout-outs: Thunderpussy released a self-titled full length today and CCFX  have an album of The Remixes while Burger Records' Peach Kelli Pop is out with Gentle Leader. And now it seems it's time for another round of:

Should I Bother?

  • Hoobastank: This album is more like grooving of  "The Reason" than the edge of "Crawling in the Dark"
  • Shawn Mendes: Good vacation album or hanging out in the sun with friends like you're in a movie montage.
  • Snow Patrol: If you have been digging the singles, then you should give it a whirl.
  • Thunderpussy: I'm way on board with this album and if the pierced citrus turned you off of the ep, then this cover will be less detracting to a really solid garage rock band.
  • Chvrches: Another solid seeming album
  • Peach Kelli Pop: Fast fun punky

And there's the Refrain for another week. Check out the Spotify list for some picks from these and maybe I threw one other song on there that I liked, can't remember. Anyway, Happy Listening!