The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Well it's a good release day for this household - two songsters with distinct styles release albums today: Courtney Barnett with Tell Me How You Really Feel and Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks with Sparkle Hard. Ziggy Marley releases Rebellion Rises today. Beach Slang pare down the sonic levels as Quiet Slang and now have a full length album: Everything Matters But No One Is Listening. Guitarist and groover Bombino returns with Deran, who gets back to roots and home on this newest album. Rockers Parquet Courts are back with Wide Awake! Singer-songwriter Ray LaMontagne returns to his more acoustic background on Part of the Light. And indie rockers Deerhunter released a cassette-only album, Double Dream To Spring last week. Finally, a personal favorite, Elza Soares, releases her 33rd album, Deus é Mulher.

Should I Bother?

  • Coutney Barnett: I love her. I love her unique storytelling qualities and on first quick listen, this album is just as good as her others.
  • Parquet Courts: I'm going to be honest - I didn't understand what everyone loved about Parquet Courts. It didn't connect to me. But this album is so raw and rockier, I enjoyed my cursory listen
  • Ray LaMontagne: If you've been not as into his sound in the last couple albums, give this one a whirl because it's more to the first half of his career than his latter. (that said, I did like the last couple albums but this one is nice too)
  • Stephen Malkmus: Do you like Pavement or other Malkmus releases? Yes?  Then tally ho!
  • Beach Slang/Quiet Slang: It's interesting. i like the ability for musicians to reimagine their music and albums.

Well there we go. Another Refrain in the bank. And all while in my basement trying to be extremely quiet and let the young one sleep as long as possible. Anyway, wear sunscreen, stay hydrated and Happy Listening!