The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

This is a mega-Friday of releases so far. Let's get to the brass tacks. (Where does that saying come from? Is it related to furniture? anyway I digress...)

Poppy with an amazing voice, Kimbra released Primal Heart today. Country jammers Old Crow Medicine Show are back with Volunteer. Thievery Corporation is out with Treasures From The Temple. Indie Rockers Lord Huron return with Vide Noir. Sting has teamed up with Shaggy and they created a reggae album titled 44/876. Let's hit up the harder side of music. A Perfect Circle keeps its promises and has a new album, Eat The Elephant. now if only Tool could be satisfied with their work and keep their promises... ahem... Stryper (yes you read that correctly) released God Damn Evil. And TesseracT have Sonder.

Should I bother?

(I'm really enjoying this I hope you all are too)

  • Sting/Shaggy: This is an album that you can throw on and just clean the house to.
  • Kimbra: It's poppy and sultry. It's that kind of pop that makes me think of music videos set in dark alleyways with lots of smoke machines working. Like TMNT.
  • Old Crow Medicine Show: This is definitely an Old Crow Medicine Show album, so if you're a fan you're going to be happy.
  • Lord Huron: Once again, they manage to create a visual soundscape in my brain and I love them so much. This band knows how to tell a story with their album creating a rich sonic environment.
  • Thievery Corporation: If you liked the turn he took with his last album toward a more reggae/dub feel, then check this one out.

So I tried listening to the metal options, and I'm just in a punk mood right now. So I can't make a good observation because all I came up with was, "This just doesn't have the teeth." and then I want to put on Closer again... Anyway, don't forget to set your alarms for Record Store Day tomorrow all you vinyl lovers! We've definitely got our list and checked it twice. Check me out on twitter (@bunkamade) to find out what we end up with. And with that, Happy Listening!