The Friday Refrain: Your Weekly New Music Digest

Ahoy there ye Music Lovers! Avast here are some new tunes to appeal your ears to...

Yeah, I don't know. that's just what typed out of my fingers. Anyway, we're trying something new and different here at The Friday Refrain. Each Friday I'll give you the low down on the big names and the ones that I  might include because I just like them. The new part though is what I'm calling, "Should I Bother?" In which I will briefly listen to parts of the new big albums and then give you an idea if you should bother trying it out. Thus the title. So to quote Billy Eichner, "And away... we... ... ... ... go."

Today is kind of odd by the way. We'll get there but first, last year's sensation Cardi B is here with a full album, Invasion of Privacy. Did you know that Creed Bratton (of The Office) is also a musician? He releases his 7th album today, While The Young Punks Dance. Dr. Octagon returns with Moosebumps. Rockers Eels are back with The Deconstruction. Hip hop group Flatbush Zombies release Vacation in Hell. Hinds hit the indie rock with buzz galore last year and are back with I Don't Run. Sticking to the indie train, we've got Wye Oak with The Louder I Call, The Faster It Runs. Kylie Minogue released Golden today. And the other interesting album is I Only Listen To The Mountain Goats which is an album of people covering The Mountain Goats songs (including Amanda Palmer and Craig Finn!) and is like a podcast soundtrack I guess you could say to the new podcast of the same name done by the Night Vale people. Oh and Thirty Seconds To Mars are out with America.

And now our first edition of: Should I Bother?

  • Kylie Minogue: it is very poppy.
  • Wye Oak: If you like Wye Oak yes, I think you'll be content if not better? I'm not a huge Wye Oak fan, but I'm enjoying the album especially "Lifer." "Symmetry" has a very St. Vincentness to it.
  • Thirty Seconds To Mars: Sounds like them. Yep.
  • Rainbow Kitten Surprise: Folky Pop, so tune in if you like Father John Misty and Mumford & Sons and stuff
  • Hop Along: I found this a fun album. If you've been enjoying the singles leading up to this, you'll be happy with the album. Sweet indie rock and I feel that it is their most polished album yet. Check out "Fox in Motion" for another non-single track to try.
  • Cardi B: Did you like Bodak Yellow? Yes, then listen on. No? Then don't.
  • Hinds: This is right up my alley. I like it way better than the first.

There we go. I bet you're wondering but where is my List of YesterFriday? Where is that weird thing where she makes a category and bunches things together? Well, I'm spreading it out. Tune in later this week for my Lists Of Fun (or something) and next Thursday I will be posting the List of YesterFriday. In the mean time, Happy Listening!